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User Info: DarkShieldwham

4 years ago#1
Before it's lost to history and for those who are fortunate to have a friend play this game in 2 player mode, I'd like to share some cool tag team combos. Actually, it's just a little few tricks to help people beat this game faster and enjoy it a bit more.

Super Geon: If you get enough room his bite is the better grapple option. Once he tears off a chunk of flesh off the other monster you can immediately jump forward and do a jump attack to make them bounce once more before hitting the ground. If you have a full special bar use a flame breath to add some serious damage.

If you're with a partner they can also combo off the bite for you. Atomic Guy can throw one of his cage waves which can also be juggled from. So theoretically you can do 1) Bite 2) jump attack 3) partner attack 4) Follow it up with another attack.

You'll have to be cautious with this technique because if you do it too quickly it'll sometimes make the enemy monster stand instantly so you won't get to squeeze in a few licks while they're down.

Geon's thorn is probably one of the best moves for hitting downed foes because it's fast, has range, and you can just chuck the thorn to knock the enemy down again.

Although Geon has one of the best downed hitting moves the honour goes to Cyber Woo. When he flies he can't be grappled with and he does a ton of damage as well as knock people over. So just let him hover over the enemy and spin.

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