Dizzy theory

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User Info: DarkShieldwham

4 years ago#1
I made an earlier post about techniques. There exists some I hadn't mentioned but that's not what I'm here to discuss. Just happened to be playing the SEGA version and realized there's a stun bar for the characters. Cme to think of it, the bosses in the SNES version get tired at points. I wonder why that is? In the SEGA version each character has a set number around 40. Each attack carries some stun to it. When that number is exceeded the monster is in a sort of dizzy state. i suppose the best way to try this all out is in versus mode first, then story mode.

Another interesting note is that during the dizzy state you take twice as much damage. This game isn't hard but it would be neatto know if that sort of game mechanic exists within the game.

User Info: DarkShieldwham

4 years ago#2
After revisiting the game I've noticed a few things. Unlike the Genesis version, there really aren't stuns or dizzies. However, the cpu can in fact get tired or do nothing after certain patterns. An example would be Eifflelyte or however you spell his name. If you continually block his long attacks he'll wear himself out and just stand for a second or two for you to just hit. It's really strange. The same goes for Beetle Master. Sometimes he'll just lay back and chill while he watches you attack him.

There's a lot of subtle patterns going on but I haven't bothered dissecting them quite yet. I do know however that there is a slight difference to the final stage (7) through the use of the debug mode code. If you just jump to the stage it will at least reveal King Famardy's name as opposed to a blacked out screen. The ending also sports some falling rocks that aren't present in the regular mode ending. How odd.

Debug mode turned on really messes up stages. Most are virtually unplayable and even when you complete let's say the last level, the ending section will freeze the game. There's other stuff that goes on in the stage like the ship floor having different lighting. Really quite neat but other times I found my character being dragged like he was on sand.

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