what's your favorite game in this?

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User Info: StarToad

12 years ago#1
I like Spring Breeze and Great Cave Offensive (reminds me of Metroid for some reason)
"The DS doesn't have X or Y." -luckydragon7288

User Info: flamingspinach

12 years ago#2
The Great Cave Offensive and Milky Way Wishes.

User Info: StarToad

12 years ago#3
I like Milky Way Wishes too for the R-Type level
"The DS doesn't have X or Y." -luckydragon7288

User Info: Omnidata

12 years ago#4
Dyna Blade, because of the ability rooms. Great Cave Offensive, because it's long. And Milky Way wishes because of access to all abilities.<(^_^)>
A mystery is a question that no one knows the answer to.
-Mr. Emoticon

User Info: Regulus_VII

12 years ago#5
Samurai Kirby!
"We gamers live by the controller, die by the controller." -SketchyVision

User Info: StopNSwop

12 years ago#6
Revenge of the Meta-Knight
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If I ever do manage to do this, I will call this hat 'CHatC'."~ Kung Fu Master

User Info: FlameXV

12 years ago#7
Although I like the Great Cave Offensive a lot more than i use to, I'd have to go with Milky Way Wishes.
It's better to get people's respect than their attention.

User Info: Ulknar

12 years ago#8
I like revenge of meta knight best.
"and that was the fastest I ever ran in my life until I got older and could run faster." - Dragonfire Mage

User Info: samurai goroh

samurai goroh
12 years ago#9
The Arena
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User Info: Iced_Shadows

12 years ago#10
I Like Them All!And Miss Them All.But If I Had To Chose It Would Be The Great Cave Offensive.
The Best Games Eva:Yoshi's Island,E.V.O. The Search For Eden,And Kirby Super Star!DS Is Da Bomb That Will Blow The Sony Industry!!!
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