Heart piece 30 second dig

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User Info: dfhblh

9 years ago#1
I've tried for that heart piece a LOT of times. I still am digging for it. My worry now is that I've been in a fog trying it so many times that I might have actually dug it up and kept digging away from it without picking it up (maybe thinking it was a red rupee). Is it possible to dig it up and walk away without it? If so, does it appear again until you actually get it?

I'm going crazy digging in this stupid area and don't want to keep on if there's a possiblilty I'll NEVER find the piece because I screwed up and left it earlier.

User Info: TyVulpine

9 years ago#2
I'm pretty sure it doesn't disappear until you claim it.

User Info: Stimpy789

9 years ago#3
I have a friend who's always had trouble getting that one and I've gotten it on the first try multiple times. I suggest going to the Pond Of Happiness (in the middle of Lake Hylia) and throwing money into it until your fortune reads as "Great Luck". The go back to the digging game and try it a few more times. With that fortune, I've gotten the heart piece in the chest game and the digging game on the first try in the same game. Luckily, I was saving a video of it at the time. :)

User Info: dfhblh

9 years ago#4
THANKS!!! It worked!! I got the heart piece in my first dig after getting Great Luck. Whew...

User Info: ILuvcknfdstk

9 years ago#5
This luck factor keeps getting more and more interesting.
I love Chicken Fried Steak.

User Info: assassin17

9 years ago#6
With that fortune, I've gotten the heart piece in the chest game and the digging game on the first try in the same game.

when you say "first try" for the digging game, do you mean at some point before the timer runs out, or the very first time you dig the shovel into the ground?

User Info: assassin17

9 years ago#7
no response? :P anyway, i fired up a savestate (courtesy of erokky) and tried it myself. i got Great Luck from the Pond of Happiness, then tried the Village of Outcasts treasure chest game, and the digging game. neither gave me a heart piece on the first try; in other words, they behaved like normal. then i tried the games again with Snes9x Geiger debugger, and neither of them accessed the Luck variables (7E/0CF9 and 7E/0CFA). and to be sure, this savestate doesn't have either of those heart pieces retrieved yet.

so you two must have been lucky (lowercase); i don't think Luck (uppercase) has anything to do with those games.

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User Info: KirbyPufocia

9 years ago#8
Damn your soulless logic, assassin. You're destroying these peoples' hope!
Kirby Pufocia,
Offer void where prohibited.

User Info: assassin17

9 years ago#9
Better to strangle their false hope in its crib, than to have it slowly grow into an energetic toddler false hope, a bright school child false hope, and then finally an unpredictable teenager false hope, which gets hopped up on not-so-false meth and stabs its parents to death in an argument over curfew.
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User Info: radblast

9 years ago#10
One of our forumers confirmed a while back Luck affects the next 10 item drops from enemies.

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