Best. Game. Ever.

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User Info: Cunka

7 years ago#1
Had to say it. Again.

Carry on :D

User Info: gdogghenrikson

7 years ago#2

It is deffenatly one of the best games ever

User Info: nivlac90

7 years ago#3
What the hell do you mean "one of"? It's THE best game ever.
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User Info: Zetamancer

7 years ago#4
Nah this follows very closely behind Chrono Trigger for me, and I'm talking VERY closely. As far as adventuring goes, A Link the the Past is the best game ever.
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User Info: OsafuneKatana

7 years ago#5
I just beat Twilight Princess today and I gotta say, it made me miss the other Zelda games, especially this one. This one stands out the most to me.
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User Info: TheGrimHreeper

7 years ago#6
Nah this follows very closely behind Chrono Trigger for me..

I say the correct list is:
1) Final Fantasy 3/6
2) Chrono Trigger
3) The Legend of Zelda: ALttP
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User Info: Dark_Lawl

7 years ago#7
and I say:

A Link To The Past
Final Fantasy 3/6
Chrono Trigger

haha, all 3 of these games are great, though.

User Info: TyVulpine

7 years ago#8
1. GoldenEye 007
3. SMB 3
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User Info: Clashton_Lvl255

7 years ago#9
Majora's Mask is a better game.

User Info: lastelixer

7 years ago#10
Teach me to play that game.
Oh, it's "elixir".

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