How long to beat?

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User Info: ffsatch27

7 years ago#1
Thinking about tackling this after I finish up playing Lufia, as for some reason I'm just in the mood for some old school gaming. I was just wondering how long this would take a first time player, with NO guide, to beat? Thanks in advance.
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User Info: TyVulpine

7 years ago#2
I'd say a good 8-10 hours for 100% completion for intrepid newbies, longer for others, since there's a bit "why didn't I think of that sooner?" puzzles.
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User Info: pepe2004x

6 years ago#3
8-10 hours?, wow, it is at least 15-20 hours just to beat the main game the first time. It is a long game.

User Info: TyVulpine

6 years ago#4
Not really, speedruns can be done in about 90 minutes, iirc so if you're eager to do a 100% run on the first time, it'll take less than 15 hours depending how good one is at figuring things out (plus with the map showing where thr pendants/jewels are, you don't have to aimlessly wander trying to figure out where to go next)
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User Info: pseudonym1

6 years ago#5
I'd say it would take 12-24 hours for someone who's completely new to the game. Those 90 minute runs are obviously done by people who know the game inside and out and wouldn't be relevant for a beginner since they involve a lot of sequence breaking and unusual strategies.
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6 years ago#6
12 hours if your attention span is good.

24 hours if you feel the need to stop thinking every 10 minutes.

Not trying to be insulting, I'm just trying to point out that dungeons can take a bit longer if you just wander instead of actively mapping things out in your head and such.
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User Info: pepe2004x

6 years ago#7
90 minutes is incredible for this game.

User Info: ffsatch27

6 years ago#8
Thanks for the help guys. I'm really looking forward to playing this. The only other Zelda I've played was the very first one, which surprised me with its awesomeness.
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User Info: TriforceSD

6 years ago#9
I remember being stuck in the later part of the first Dungeon in the Dark World. You had two rows of the colored blocks and I must have thought about it for two hours before realizing I needed to use a bomb or arrows to trigger the crystal at a distance. This game really made me think when I played it for the first time. That 24 hour estimate probably fits for my first playthrough. Fun times...
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User Info: Sxmfct

6 years ago#10
What I wouldn't give to play this for the first time again.

Enjoy! It's the best Zelda game IMO.
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