I like the earlier half of this game more than the Dark World.

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  3. I like the earlier half of this game more than the Dark World.

User Info: AkridHunter

5 years ago#1
Is that bad?

I mean at the opening of the game there's so much more to do, and so much more story, but then by the time you get the Master Sword, all that's left is to go through 9 CONSECUTIVE DUNGEONS OF DRUDGERY with very little to explore or do.
Makes me sad.
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User Info: CKK10355

5 years ago#2
Its just you. I remember going to areas that were previous blocked because you didn't have the require items to get through, or getting new heart pieces.

User Info: friendlydude

5 years ago#3
Nah I definitely prefer the dungeons after you get the Master Sword. That's what feels like the meat of the game to me.

User Info: Drumguy

5 years ago#4
I actually liked the light world dungeons more too. Mostly because of that theme. The Dark World dungeon theme isn't as good in my opinion.
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User Info: lightning_rocks

5 years ago#5
i like the dark world dungeons better. ganon's tower is my favorite.

User Info: Nicholas Harvey

Nicholas Harvey
5 years ago#6
Well, I think the game was meant to be that way: the Light World focusing more on outdoor exploration and talking to people, and the Dark World, with its more serious atmopshere, being much more action-oriented with its dungeons. Yes, it's the dungeons that make the Zelda games what they are, but the more RPG-like Light World allows players to ease casually into the game. Instead of being herded from one dungeon to the next like in the Dark World, which might not be a fun way to start off the game, new players have plenty of time to look around the Light World and sightsee, visit some of the curiosities like fortune tellers, shops, and such (which are rarer in the Dark World). The very layout of the Light World, having more connections between its regions than the Dark World, really does invite the new player to look around Hyrule after completing the introductory dungeon and exiting the Sanctuary. You see everything the Light World has to offer and think, this game is going to be interesting. There's so much you can see and do before you decide to get serious with the game and step into the Eastern Palace dungeon. Once you're ready to start to tackle the game, you decide you like the dungeons and start wanting more when you've collected the three Pendants. And the Dark World gives you just that. It's this setup of the game that has, in my opinion, made it such a big winner even after 20 years.
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User Info: zoogelio

5 years ago#7
Yes, by the design, there does seem to be a clear Light World/Dark World divide. Light World has leisurely exploration and the 'starter' dungeons. The real challenge starts with the Dark World dungeons. The Light World seems there, as noted, to ease people into the game, but to also frame the Dark World. What would the Dark World be without having familiarized oneself to the Light World by then?

I always liked the Dark World. Yeah it has more atmosphere; wouldn't call it serious, more like cartoony horror. They felt like sinister dungeons. Skeleton Woods looked like it had ancient, dust covered carpet, like a 90 year old's place with carpet faded from 50 years of sunlight and dead vines from unmaintained plants. Several dungeons felt very isolated (a result of having to warp into an enclosed space, like Misery Mire & Ice Palace). And the world itself was cool back then, this dark mirror with weird creatures. Of course, that kind of thing has been done to death in the past several years.

User Info: MParkerStone

5 years ago#8
i agree in a way.

one, someone mentioned the Light World dungeon music is better, which i think is pretty clearly true.

two there's been some times i've replayed this where i stopped at the Ice Dungeon or Swamp one. not cuz i got stuck, just cuz i was bored.

the Dark World bosses are all pretty fun though.

User Info: Dark_Lawl

5 years ago#9
I don't care much for the 2nd lightworld dungeon. 1 was pretty good and 3 was even better.

However, I like almost all the dungeons in dark world more than the dungeons in the lightworld. The only exception is that I prefer the 3rd lightworld dungeon to the skull woods one, even though I love the item and boss. The dungeon is a bit short if you have a good memory of how to beat it. It's better on your first playthrough than on replays imo. It's not like it isn't a good dungeon to me though still, and the concept is very cool.

So yeah, I much prefer the Dark World segment of the game. That's where it goes from good to amazing, imo.

Also, there is plenty of stuff to explore for after you make it to the dark world segment of the game.
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User Info: MParkerStone

5 years ago#10
it's not that the Dark World dungeons are bad or anything, just that they can eventually be exhausting. well as exhausting as a videogame can be anyway
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  3. I like the earlier half of this game more than the Dark World.

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