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User Info: jwh77

5 years ago#1
Not sure how many people check this board or play this game still.

The other day, I felt like playing this game again. I always use a SNES emulator to play these old games.
I found the game on a popular ROM site and in the zip file there was included the Japanese version of the game.

I know most people don't understand Japanese (I myself happen to live in Japan and read/write it quite well) - but the game is exactly the same as the US version, so even if you couldn't read what it says, someone who has played LoD before would understand it easily (the menus are all the same, all the stats are in the same exact place).

The point is, the only actual difference in the game is the statistics for all of the officers. I don't know why they would change them between the JP and USA version of the game, but they are pretty different, and it makes for a interesting replay through the game.

For example, Thomas Gage's stats are much higher in the Japanese version. Body, Leadership, Tactics, Disc. ect. are all higher. Washington's tactics are 88, making him a monster (97,88,98).

A lot of the total trash officers (militia/loyalists like W. Tryon, F. Barber, ect.) are slightly tweaked (improved). Some of the militia officers with exceptional stats (Marinus, Knowlton, Marion) are lowered.

Basically, every officer had at least some of their stats tweaked, so it creates a interesting playthrough for anyone interested.

User Info: kawaiifan

5 years ago#2
Hi jwh77, and I'm happy to see you *waves hello* ^.^/
and thank you for this info!
It's odd that Koei would change around the stats, when the games are otherwise the same.
kawaiifan misses her gfaqs9 ;.;

User Info: Waffen8888

5 years ago#3
Personally I think Washington's stats are to high and Gage's to low. Washington really wasn't that good of a general. He had phenomenal charisma and was able to hold the army together, but tactically speaking, he wasn't anything standoutish.
"Now there's a face to break a few thousand mirrors!" - Shirox from Dragon Force

User Info: 2295ll

5 years ago#4
Still playing the snes version frequently*tried a proaction replay to improve some officer's
stats*worked for a while but when saving any progress the saved files would become corrupted and deleted.
Will give the JPN version a look.
As others have said*Gage's stats are way under powered and Washington's over powered.
I, like many others on this board love playing as the British.
Glad too see some familar names still posting on this forum!

User Info: kawaiifan

5 years ago#5
Hi Waffen8888 and 2295ll *waves hello* ^.^/

I agree, and I likewise play the British side ^.~
kawaiifan misses her gfaqs9 ;.;
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