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User Info: StephanIsKool

11 years ago#21
when i was younger i seemed to have so much fun...
when i come back to this game jumping up the logs on that waterfall level makes me want to throw my game and everything off a cliff and never see it again
Its all fun and games until someone gets hurt...then its hillarious
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User Info: YourOpFeR

11 years ago#22
Ohh cmon it's not that hard! :D I beat it easily when I was young and so do I now!

User Info: assassin17

11 years ago#23
This game kicked my ass back when I rented it at age ~14, and I was probably older than its intended audience.

User Info: Alstein

11 years ago#24
when i was little i played till he grew up to the lava where you went on the lava platform thats wher i got stuck. true it was easier back then. even though i didnt use the cheats. the i cant wait to be king was hard because of jumping and theres one where rocks fall on you and the ones that kill u in one hit. too bad they didnt have a stage password or anything. so you had to start over from scatch.

User Info: shesgotmoxy

11 years ago#25

I haven't played this game in YEARS. I've never been able to beat it (because I never owned the game) and I don't think I EVER will. There is no possible way to get past those swinging rhino tails in Can't Wait to Be King. I'm pretty sure I remember being able to cling on to the hippo's ear, but since I've been playing this with my emulator that's damn near impossible. I hit invisible walls. I fall through when I should be grabbing a tail, or a nose, or something.

This game owns me when I should be owning it. To all of you gamers who've beaten this? Congrats, because I suck.

User Info: PaperLink64

11 years ago#26
Yay, I rule.

Nowadays, CWtbK is an easy level for me.
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User Info: DDRtigress

11 years ago#27
I think some of you may be whining a bit... the "Can't wait to be King" level is a piece of cake... except for the ostrich part, which takes me a couple of tries.

Oh, btw, in "the cave maze" level, there is a part where you drop down into a hole that, until you solve the mystery, you are stuck in. And if you stay in there too long... you die from the dripping lava (who ever heard of a cave dripping lava from the ceiling??) What you must do is swing at the stalactites mid-air and carefully avoid them as they fall to the ground, crushing those weird indent thingies.

I have beaten this game so many times... maybe that's because it came out when I was two, and I've loved it ever since :P

User Info: Raioxa

11 years ago#28
That flame/hell level was hard!

Im playing it now with cheats could never beat it honest.
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User Info: jyynx

11 years ago#29
This game is fun, but slightly challenging.

Simba's Exile and Be Prepared are almost impossible levels!
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User Info: Bleeding_Hole

11 years ago#30
it makes me feel exhausted just reading this thread

haha agreeance on hard levels wears me out

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