best order to beat bosses....

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User Info: spi

9 years ago#1
for people who want gold armor & z buster....

'kinda' only posting cuz i really want to know who to kill lastly^^)

but would like to get some order thats BEST <FIRST 2 LAST>

R.I.P Bigfoot......

User Info: RUBEN1343

9 years ago#2
well heres a nice order and some tips...
first the ice buffalo so u can get the legs upgrades and a subtank and beat him easily
then the drill boss(forgot his name) cuz u can get a subtank there too and hes easy to beat with the air dash. u also get the head upgrade later here
then the water stage(forgot his name too) cuz his weakness is the frost shield(wich u already have) and u get a heart there.
then(in my opinion) i go for the blue bug thingy. just dash under the balls he throws, and u get a heart at his stage too
then go for the easy with the bug trap and u get the chest upgrade here
then to the thunder stage and use the drill on him and dash under him when he jumps
then the lobster thingy (beat him with the thunder weapon)
and finally the tiger...hes annoying, but u get the buster upgrade here behind a wall (use the drills)

...and thats about it. hope it helped, and sorry for forgeting about the names...hehe

User Info: spi

9 years ago#3
wow just beat it VERY NICE GAME..... i like it almost as much as og mega man 7 (love 7...its just me_)

but x3 hold a place in my heart now>_>

SIG ive been plaYING megamans in my free time for a month or so ive beat these....think i will play megaman 8 next.
completed MEGAMAN 1,6,7 x1 & x3 NOW PLAYING... nocturne^^) ick no more mega man 4 awhile>_>

User Info: sageerrant

9 years ago#4
I'm just now getting around to X3, and Toxic Seahorse has got to be the easiest Maverick I've ever fought, if you use his weakness.

I swear, it's easier than using Hadouken on Sigma in the first game. You at least have to dodge the dog first to pull that off.

...that's my roundabout way of saying, "Start with Blizzard Buffalo." He's not much trouble with the leg upgrade, and the weakness chain from there is pretty easy to follow.
What you've done here is analogous to attempting suicide by drinking twice as much milk as you usually do in a day. - adjl; FC:0645-5485-9750

User Info: TechnoMan

9 years ago#5
Toxic Seahorse follows a predictable pattern once you shoot him with his weakness before he retaliates.

Each time you use its weakness, it will try to stomp you.
This post is possibly/obviously sarcasm, a joke or god knows what else...
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