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User Info: myegelser

8 years ago#1
I can not comprehend why most of the guides say to do Blizzard Buffalo first and then just go along with whatever weapon works for the next boss. That's a terrible order. Anyone who does that will be revisiting at least half of the stages, if not more. People must be plain scared to deal with bosses without the weapon or just not good enough. Quite sad, since nearly every single one of the eight bosses in the game is more than manageable without any power-ups. The only one for which I might make a case of difficulty with nothing is Gravity Beetle, but none of the others. Anyhow, here's a much better order. It gets stuff fast, and the only stage that has to be revisited no matter what is Tunnel Rhino's.

1) Tunnel Rhino - The sooner X ends up with his weapon, the more items he can obtain. This boss is also a joke, with or without the weapon.
2) Blast Hornet - Tornado Fang unlocks the mech armor, which can be used to get the heart tank here also. It can't hurt to have the mech armors available earlier, and this stage needs to be done before Gravity Beetle's in order for the heart tank there to be accessible. Certainly beats doing this stage later and then having to go back and get everything that only the mech can get. This is also an extremely manageable boss fight without the weapon.
3) Blizzard Buffalo - Everything is accessible in the stage, whether by use of Tornado Fang or mech armors. The right weapon is also available for Blizzard Buffalo should the desire be there to use it, but he's a very manageable boss.
4) Neon Tiger - Only with Tornado Fang and the dash upgrade is the charge upgrade accessible.
5) Gravity Beetle - With the dash upgrade and Blast Hornet beaten, everything is now accessible in this stage.
6) Volt Catfish - With the powered-up Gravity Well, the armor upgrade is accessible in addition to everything else.

- Go back to Tunnel Rhino's stage and pick up the Heart Tank and Helmet upgrade

Last two, doesn't matter.

User Info: xDarkZerox12

8 years ago#2
Most guides probably suggest Blizzard Buffalo because they prefer ease over efficiency. Obviously, your method is much more efficient, but can be much more difficult, especially for people who have never played a Mega Man game before!

Although I can beat most of the bosses without taking any damage, it's because I've had a lot of practice. In my opinion, Blast Hornet is one of the hardest Mavericks in this game without Gravity Well. Although it may be manageable for many vets without any upgrades, any new or even mediocre Mega Man player will not be able to take Blast Hornet down with only one heart tank.

Again, I'm not disagreeing with the efficiency of your opinion, but I'm just stating why the guides are constructed the way they are.

Also, good job on finding this order of bosses!
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User Info: tehpoofochez

8 years ago#3
Well somehow, me being the complete dumbass I am, managed to not be able to beat Blizzard on the first try so I went to Gravity Beetle and was able to beat him with 1 heart tank and leg upgrade =X But your order is MUCH more efficient. Its just that for most people, ease > efficiency.
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User Info: beibin

8 years ago#4
Unless it's a speed run.
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