Finding Huang Zhong and Zhao Yun

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User Info: Guan_Lu

5 years ago#1
To answer the question of MonarchPaulos in another thread,
from the data I have extracted from the scenario 1 files of the PC version:

Zhao Yun (born 156) appears in 190 in province 3.

Huang Zhong (born 148) appears in 202 in province 21.

The last officer of the game, Sima Yan (born 236) appears in 265 from Sima Zhao (born 211) if he is alive or in province 11. Sima Zhao himself appears in 231 from Sima Yi or in province 10.

The first future officer is surprisingly Xu Chang, who appears in province 35 in 189. Not very future! He is the only officer to appear in 189. Maybe at some point the developers wanted to start scenario 1 before January 189 ?

User Info: kawaiifan

5 years ago#2
Welcome Guan_Lu, and thank you for finding these guys *waves hello* ^.^/
kawaiifan misses her gfaqs9 ;.;

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