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User Info: persona2freak

5 years ago#1
I've started a new game as Ellen/Warrior with Epee as weapon of choice. I was reading the Character Guide and it sounded like if you select Ellen or Sarah with Epee as their main weapon they become type 11 (I'm not sure why) and that means they can learn all techs for every weapon. is that true?

This wa taken from Khajiit Rankin's guide:

"Exceptions: If Harid or Katarina is your main and you select "Greatsword", you
get Type 9. If Harid, Katarina, Julian or Mikhail is your main and you select
"Spear", you get Type 10. If Ellen or Sarah is your main and you select "Epee",
you get Type 11.

No, these exceptions don't make a whole lot of sense to me either (especially
the one for Ellen/Sarah with Epees...) I have a funny feeling that the
exceptions were supposed to depend on your class star rather than on your
chosen character, but the programmers messed up. If I'm right about this, then
you would have gotten the special learning types by selecting "Greatsword" with
"Hunter's star", "Spear" with "Hunter's" or "Monarch's star", and "Epee" with
"Warrior's star". Type 11 is an extremely good type (almost every single
technique in the game is on its "learnable" list, like Liza in SF) so it seems
reasonable to me that you'd only be able to get it by choosing the rather
suboptimal (statwise) combination of the Warrior's Star and Epee."
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Destruction Angel 5 years ago#2
Should be true, yes. I haven't tried Ellen/Sarah + epee, but the type 10 exception for Katrina + spear seems to have worked for me.

The part about being able to easily learn "every tech" is not quite correct, a few techs are missing even from TYPE11's list. Most weapons are missing about 3 techs from their list. Only about half of the martial arts techs are on the list, and the missing ones include some good stuff. Tiger break is "easy" to learn, though (yeah right...).
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