Have you played multiplayer?

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User Info: jimhalpert789

6 years ago#1
I'm wondering if it's worth it to buy the multitap that gives you 4 more controller spots(minus the one the multitap uses). So, has anyone played 3 player with the multitap? How does it compare to single player? Or have you played multiplayer with ZSnes?
-Fat Halpert

User Info: The_MythMaker

6 years ago#2
I have played with the multi-tap. It was a lot of fun, but you need the right people to do it with.

User Info: Cecil255

6 years ago#3
I've never played multiplayer on zsnes, but I'm sure it works. However, I always experience a bit of lag the few times I've done netplay so I would definitely recommend playing on console if you can. I think getting an SNES multitap is worth the money.

I second The_MythMaker, playing multiplayer on this game is not for everyone. It's best if you can either play with a friend that you have gamed with a lot before and are comfortable with, or someone who has already played the game and enjoyed it. I think the majority of people really do enjoy playing it, but some may be bored by it. I personally have some of my fondest memories of multiplayer with this game.

The biggest reason for any hesitation is because if you plan to work on playing through the whole game, you will struggle unless you take the time to level up your magic, which is tedious (especially with more than one person). One thing you can do is have a session where you're with friends, and then when you're waiting for the next opportunity to play, find some time to play by yourself and level up the magic for the next time you're all going to be together.
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User Info: Haste_2

6 years ago#4
It's certainly more fun to play multiplayer... if you play with good/enthusiastic players, the game is heavenly.

Cecil, thanks for that advice on leveling up magic. Why didn't I think of that earlier?!
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User Info: Cecil255

6 years ago#5
I only had one bad experience I can remember where I had a not-so-close friend over for a while, we were looking for a good co-op game to play for a while so I thought this would keep us busy. Unfortunately, try as I might this person just didn't "get" the game. For instance, they could not get the concept of waiting between physical attacks, they wanted to just repeatedly bash everything in sight.

No problem, Haste! I thought of that when I introduced my girlfriend to this game. It definitely made for smoother multiplayer progress. Now, if you have someone who doesn't mind grinding out levels when needed, you've got something special.
"A stone is not polished, nor a man made perfect without trial" - Chinese proverb

User Info: belgare

6 years ago#6
My sis and I played it when it came out. She liked playing the casters so I was stuck with the guy. The only downside with multiplayer is if you wanted to cast a spell the whole game had to be paused while you chose a spell..that got annoying.

User Info: theriverstxoath

6 years ago#7
It's worth it, but It's good if you play with people that are willing to communicate well and "play a role." It's difficult if someone doesn't choose to be the leader. Otherwise, you are always talking about what to do next or where to go next -- because you can't do it independently. Some things to keep in mind before you recruit your co-op friends:

1. Doors - whenever one of the players walks through a door, the other two players automatically follow. This can create frustration -- example: you defeat a group of enemies in a room and then one of the players "accidentally" pushes the wrong button (example: "Up" into a doorway) and then the other two players "float" toward the doorway (while you aren't in control of them) and you enter the room you were in previously. Then, after groaning, you re-enter the room you were just in to find all the enemies are back again.

2. Getting stuck in walls - I'm not sure if this happens during single player games, but this happened several times during a "whip-jump" action <== not all the players made it across and someone would be stuck in a wall or the "pit" area of the map in a dungeon. The problem with this is the other characters must all stay in the same map. We had to reset the game several times because of this <== which wasn't so great considering we had just grinded for a couple hours in an area, etc.

3. "Life" and similar skill level at playing the game - If one of the players dies, they may groan and want a cup of wishes when you know your party has limited supplies and you don't want to bring that player back to life. If they are persistent, you may need to heal them anyway to make them stop. This can be a problem if you know they really aren't as good as the other player and you are in a difficult area. Sometimes, if you know you will need all your items for an upcoming boss fight, you may need to backtrack out of the dungeon and go back to an inn to "revive" your friend to not lose any items (since you can only carry 4 of any item).

4. "Weapons" - sometimes people become "possessive" about the weapons they are using. It's another decision the group may have to make about "who uses what weapons." Sharing the weapons may be required, but most often I think each character wants to specialize in a certain weapon or group of weapons. Example: I was the main character and would use the sword and bow primarily.

5. Magic - since the main character can't use magic, it can become redundant for the girl to only use "cure water" on everyone or the sprite casting "gem missile" over and over again. While it's possible to switch characters halfway through the game, it seems everyone wants to keep their character the entire game and not switch. So, as the monotony ensues during a long boss battle, the other players may want to start using weapons and have the main character heal them with items, etc <== to try different strategies for beating a boss.

6. Reading the dialogue - We would take turns reading the dialogue. When a new character was presented in the game, one of us would vie to "speak" the dialogue for that character. This was one of the most enjoyable parts of the game (or so I thought). We would give the different characters accents, etc. The story and dialogue became a really enjoyable part of the game.

7. Controlling Flammie - some players may be less skilled at controlling flammie, but always want to fly with flammie because they consider flammie to be their favorite character. Well, that can become tedious for the other players if they just want to travel quickly to the next area. I would recommend taking turns.

So, it's a lot of communication -- seemingly more than an MMO because you can't "leave the screen" or "meet each other at X location in an hour." It's definitely worth it though.

User Info: Voxwik

6 years ago#8
I played this game many times multiplayer with my cousins and friends and even my brother and sister! In fact I'm replaying it slowly with my cousin over the course of a few years (we get further now and then). I remember when it first game out my brother and I were fighting a certain boss on Thanksgiving day and my mother was yelling at us to hurry, so we beat it and ran and saved.
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