how do you get lots of frog coins?

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  3. how do you get lots of frog coins?

User Info: Darknessdes

9 years ago#1
the purchases from the guy in sea side town are amazing. how do u get many frog coins?
Thats a super mario rpg rpg there. it's real good.

User Info: halo2ownsyouall

9 years ago#2
Do the Midas River mini-game. a link to your profile, go there.

User Info: alpachec

9 years ago#3
"Scale the cliff" in Land's End. If you do under 11-12 seconds (I don't remember well) you'll get 5 Frog Coins.
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User Info: Super Slash

Super Slash
9 years ago#4
You do realize you've already made, like, 5 topics asking for help, right?
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User Info: xexyz5011

9 years ago#5
Jump on Shoguns in the whirlpools in Land's End Desert. If you jump on one three times before it retreats back into the sand, you will get a Frog Coin (in addition to 10 normal coins for every other jump). Since this can be done quickly and easily, this is the fastest way to get Frog Coins IMO.
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User Info: geno_16

9 years ago#6
The Land's End cliff is definately the easiest with some practice.
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User Info: tonberry2k

9 years ago#7
Definitely the "scale the cliff" game. After you get good at it you'll be raking in the dough.
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  3. how do you get lots of frog coins?

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