3d maze in pirate ship

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User Info: Fisch_Gott

9 years ago#1
I forgot how annoying this puzzle was and I cant seem to find a diagram online, any pointers?

User Info: zsaber89

9 years ago#2
Sorry, there's no easy way to get this done, I still haven't done it. The easiest thing is to just skip it, unless you're going for completion. I noticed you had said you had forgotten how hard the part was, so I'm assuming you've made your way past the password door already in the past...
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User Info: Floogal

9 years ago#3
The main trick is to run to a dead-end & start jumping in all directions until the camera "jams" -- this indicates that Mario is standing on a higher ledge.

You can also press X to see Mario's position -- this may help you.

User Info: geno_16

9 years ago#4
I use my guide everytime to do it, it's one of the few things my guide got right.
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User Info: Zero_FZX

9 years ago#5
Yep, this one can be tricky.. best thing to do is like one poster said run and jump until you stop moving then start jumping and moving in a different direction, it kind of slopes around in a circle so if you keep jumping and get past the first part the rest of it is a breeze, plus you get a royal syrup for completing it which is a nice item for that early part of the game.
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User Info: minishPM

9 years ago#6
I did it right away. Just jump and run around.
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User Info: CrowMagnon

9 years ago#7
which is a nice item for that early part of the game.

The Sunken Ship is midway through the game. (???)

I saw a diagram once for this maze, but I don't remember where.
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User Info: Eab1990

9 years ago#8
I'll try to describe the path from memory, but it won't be easy.

Enter through the opening near the bottom portion of the screen. Head as far eastward as you can, so that you'll end up somewhere behind the opening that leads to a suspended platform and another opening. Now, you'll want to jump away from the wall, but I don't remember exactly in what direction. Once you find it, though, you'll be able to exit out through said opening. Be careful not to fall, then head towards the other opening. The rest is relatively easy, as you need to jump up and right repeatedly until you emerge from the opening on the top. The platforms hidden underneath are probably as confusing as the previous one, but since they're all in one place this time, it shouldn't be tough.

I wonder, can you see the places where you need to jump hidden inside the maze via emulator?
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