Fat Baby YoshI?

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User Info: MasterAlex89

8 years ago#1
Does the fat baby yoshi near the pile of eggs on Yo'ster's Isle give you anything if you shove a bunch of yoshi cookies down his throat? I seem to recall that he did but can't remember..

User Info: GenoStrike

8 years ago#2
It does. You can even get Red Essences out of it IIRC.
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User Info: SyntaxBananaZ

8 years ago#3
I think giving him 10+ Yoshi Cookies at once gives you a Yoshi-Aid. And I think you get the Red Essances randomly. I could be wrong though.
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User Info: NeonSquid

8 years ago#4
10 cookies = Yoshi Aid
15 or 20 cookies (I forgot) = Red Essence

But you have to give the cookies all at once.

User Info: jamescom1

8 years ago#5
It was 20 or 21 Yoshi Cookies to get a Red Essence. I remember I could have only up to 8 or 9 Red Essences, with nothing else in my inventory except for Yoshi Cookies. As was mentioned, getting a Red Essence is a random chance, and fairly rare at that, so saving and resetting is your best friend for this.
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