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User Info: machinoman

6 years ago#1
I was messing around with the game and came across a code that allows you to stay in star power for the whole game.

A few catches:
- You have to activate this code when your star power is already active: This means it doesn't work on console.
- There are a few glitches involved: I've only tested it for a few hours, but I killed Croc as he bumped into me. No crash, just had to walk away, and then come back, but I am sure this will cause a crash somewhere.

Code: 7E025604


1. Activate a Star! I don't remember the game well as I haven't played it through recently, but I think the first star (the ones that make you kill random enemies) is in the level just before fighting Croc. This is the only place I have tested so far.

2. While the star is active, activate the code on an emulator.

3. Enjoy

I hope to change the code soon to make it more versatile, but I am a flakey bastard... I may abandon ship...

Any requests for codes are much appreciated. I have a lot of free time lately. This game or others.

User Info: machinoman

6 years ago#2
update, for some reason mario seems to continue to flash rainbow colors all of the time: scripted scenes, mini games, even when he is the tiny screaming mario dude. pretty funny stuff.

User Info: SyntaxBananaZ

6 years ago#3
I remember long ago about discussion about this code somewhere. Dunno if it was on this forum or not, but on, they list the same code for Infinite Star Power but also lists a second to use with it:


Not sure if that's suppose to be a fix for it or something. I remember trying out the code myself but forgot about all the weirdness that happened, and too lazy to try it right now lol.

Also, your code and this one is for Pro Action Replay codes (emulators only), and not for Game-Genie.

But kudo's for finding on your own.
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