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User Info: paganinio

5 years ago#1
Soma is the playable character in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. Is he cooler? More powerful? I intend to figure out just who is superior. Note: I'll assume both characters have developed the maximum power levels.

1. Map Completion.
Samus can achieve about 90% map in Dracula's Castle. The only rooms she can't enter are the time travelling rabit area and the Black Mist Door area. Samus can open the "backwards door" by performing the Moon Walk.

Soma can explore about 5% map on Planet Zebes because he can't open the Super Missile doors.

Winner: Samus.

2. Attack Range
Samus can shoot enemies from a screen away using the Hyper Beam. Soma can either stand right next to them and swing his sword, or cast a spell from a far distance. None of his spells has the same range or effect as the Hyper Beam though.

Winner: Samus.

3. Powers/Abilities
Samus fires beams, missiles and her own body. Soma uses swords, sickles and a whole variety of spells. The Hyper Beam is still no match to Soma, who has the ability to stop time, invisibility, and invincibility (lasts for awhile, after which he'll need to cast the spell again).

Winner: Soma

4. Weapons of Mass Destruction
Samus damages all enemies onscreen by laying a Power Bomb, which explodes a second later, and the explosion animation takes a few more seconds. Soma damages all enemies onscreen by screaming, and the effect is immediate.

The Power Bomb doesn't damage bosses. The screaming causes major damage to bosses.

Winner: Soma.

5. Tactical info.
Despite wearing a hi-tech visor, Samus doesn't know how much damage an enemy takes, or how much health they have left. Soma can see a number whenever he attacks somebody. He also has a book about all the enemies and their weaknesses, giving him great tactical advantage.

But since the Hyper Beam kills everything instantly anyway, this doesn't really matter.

Winner: Draw.

6. Save station vs. Save statue
The Zebes save stations will flash for a few seconds when Samus saves, which looks stupid. Samus also faces the player when she saves, which is also stupid.

When Soma saves, a ball (his soul) flies around in the room, which looks very cool. Soma doesn't face the player, he keeps facing left/right, because he's too cool to look at you.

Soma's save statues restore his health, making them great tactical locations. Samus's save stations don't heal her. In fact, if you are very low on energy and there are enemies outside the save station, your save is doomed, actually your whole game is doomed.

Winner: Soma

7. X-Ray vs. Peeping Eye

Samus uses the X-Ray to find hidden areas and items. Very useful and finds a lot of things.

Soma uses the Peeping Eye ability to find "breakable walls", which lead to hidden rooms. This is one of the most stupid things ever. First of all, there are only like 11 hidden rooms in the whole game, and only one of them contains important stuff. Secondly, you don't even need the Peeping Eye, if you think a wall is breakable, you can just swing your sword at it and it will be broken anyway. And the most stupid thing of all is that it's extremely hard to gain this ability in the first place. You'll need to kill about 300 Peeping Eyes in order to get this ability.

Winner: Samus

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User Info: paganinio

5 years ago#2
8. Shortcuts

Shortcuts on Planet Zebes involve the clever use of Shinespark and X-Ray abilities. There are a lot of rooms that have multiple entrances, gradually revealing themselves as you progress through the game.

Dracula's Castle isn't as interconnected. If you wanna get from point A to point B, you'll most likely use the same path every time, because there aren't many alternate paths.

However, Dracula's Castle has one thing that somewhat makes up for this: Teleport stations, that allow you to move around on the map very quickly.

Winner: Samus.

9. Sequence breaking

Winner: Samus. No contest, since Aria of Sorrow has almost no sequence breaking.

10. Underwater movement

Samus can either move slowly underwater, or move normally. Soma can swim (float), sink or walk on the water surface. They both have a unique move so it's a draw.

Winner: Draw.

11. Upward movement

Samus has: High Jump, Shinespark, Space Jump.
Soma has: Double Jump, Flying, Super Jump.

Shinespark is ultra cool. Flying is boring. Winner: Samus.

12. Character coolness

Slide kick > Morph into a ball.
Crouching and touching the ground with your palm > Crouching.
Long, white, Sephiroth hair > Yellow helmet.
White cape > Yellow suit.

Winner: Soma

13. Friends and Relationships

Although he is supposed to be from Europe, Soma and Japanese girl Mina Hakuba are childhood friends. Mina's purpose is more than talking and being attacked by bad guys -- she can fully heal Soma just like a save statue can.

Winner: Soma. Since friends and girlfriends are very important in the world of gaming, Soma gets two points for this.

Samus Aran - 8 points
Soma Cruz - 8 points

It's a draw! Who saw that coming!

User Info: THuggins84

5 years ago#3
Super Metroid is a much better game than any of the games in which Soma appears, but he is, in my opinion, a cooler character.
~ TyrOnE HuGGinS ~

User Info: Wobbuffet1700

5 years ago#4
12 is a complete matter of opinion, though, and really shouldn't count. Some people may prefer Samus's futuristic Power Suit over Soma's long, white hair and cape. Samus should really be the winner here because character coolness is an opinion; it isn't based on facts like the other sections.
The statement below is true.
The statement above is false.

User Info: SkynyrdRocker

5 years ago#5
Wobbuffet1700 posted...
12 is a complete matter of opinion, though, and really shouldn't count. Some people may prefer Samus's futuristic Power Suit over Soma's long, white hair and cape. Samus should really be the winner here because character coolness is an opinion; it isn't based on facts like the other sections.

Plus 13 gets Soma two points because the TC wanted a draw.
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