How long are Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia?

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User Info: Clyde6

5 years ago#1
I have currently free time. If they are shorter than Terranigma, I might play both in a row. How much hours would I need to finish both, without doing any sidequests?

User Info: Ryu23456

5 years ago#2
i beat illusion of gaia on a single day. i think it takes roughly 6 to 10 hours of playtime, depending on how much you explore and try to complete each dungeon.

User Info: Blackdrazon

5 years ago#3
Soul Blazer's a bit longer than IoG, but I have to stress that that's if you know what you're doing in each. IoG is more complicated a game, so if you get lost or hung up on a puzzle, you'll be there for a longer time. Soul Blazer barely has any puzzles to get hung up on in the first place.

User Info: Clyde6

5 years ago#4
Wow, IoG is really short. I started playing it yesterday seems like I will finish it today. As for Soul Blazer I stopped playing it. It was just like Act Raiser and I got bored of it.

User Info: red255

5 years ago#5
yeah was going to say, Soul blazer wasn't that... good IMO when I played it Back when I was younger and had lower standards.
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User Info: Ezero_De_Milo

5 years ago#6
I dunno, I quite enjoyed all of them, to be honest. I thought Soul Blazer was a more...unique style than the other two. Not to mention, it might be a bit off putting when you're playing games with graphics like Terranigma and IoG, and then moving right over to Soul Blazer. I would have said start with SB and then go from there to IoG, and then save Terranigma for last.
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User Info: MagusOfShadows

4 years ago#7
??? I thought IoG was the longest of the 3. Soul Blazer is a cakewalk and can be finished in a single day, easily. IoG-- it took me weeks or months, playing off and on. But I feel like I put 20-30 hours into the whole thing.

User Info: Clyde6

4 years ago#8
I finished IoG two weeks ago, really good game but it doesn't compare to Terranigma. The game was really short, I guess it took me around 10-12 hours to beat it. It's definitly shorter than Terranigma.

User Info: HeavensCloud889

4 years ago#9
I enjoyed Soul Blazer but the lack of an engaging story like the other ones puts out on a slightly lower tier.
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User Info: BrownJenkins

4 years ago#10
trve dat.

for example, I always wondered how/when the chick there fell in "love" with the hero.. there's hardly any dialogue at all..

I always liked the progression in the series. to see what elements were continued and improved and so on..
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