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User Info: Honaloochie

10 years ago#11
#11 fresh and new.
Every sun that sets, a moon dies too

User Info: Cosmic Tourists

Cosmic Tourists
9 years ago#12
Why don't we start again?
We come in peace. Or not?

User Info: Vermouths

9 years ago#13
Good idea.
"We can be both of God and the devil, since we're trying to raise the dead against the stream of time."
- Vermouth (Detective Conan)

User Info: Ammersee

9 years ago#14
I'm scared. It's like some kind of a school of alts.
Someone's boring me. I think it's me.. ~ Dylan Thomas

User Info: log5x

9 years ago#15
My first post.
I'm so happy!

User Info: Shin_Seiki

9 years ago#16
For guns and glory, press N.
For work and worry, press Y.
~ Quit message in Wolfenstein 3D
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