Memoir of a Lurker

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User Info: DeltaOne

8 years ago#1
Ahh, final, an empty board. Although I hadn't been searching long, it still took me a tad longer to find than I had previously expected. Perhaps if I had been more methodical in my search patterns, rather than choosing boards and systems at random, I would have found many more much sooner. But no matter, for I am on this board now, and shall make this post now.

Despite not expecting such a long (5-10 min) journey, I realize now that I'm not sure what to post. But this has always been my Achilles heel. Well, thats not entirely true. My true crux is that no matter how witty or clever a post I think of, I never seem to be able to hit that "post message" button. You see, my good reader, I am a lurker.

Not your everyday lurker, either. I've been lurking since, oh, probably 2001. I made this account when I realized that my old account had a terrible name, and also because I had turned 13 in 2003 and decided I wanted a "legal" account.

I wonder at times why I lurk. I see so many people that post so many mundane things, and at times I find myself wishing I could be like them. For some reason, I feel the same social awkwardness on the internet that I do in real life. I see all these people on a board that will read what I write, and get stage fright. Even now, as I post to this empty board, I feel some slight fear at the select few of you who will read this, if there are even any of you at all that will.

Perhaps I'll find another board like this and continue this, my memoir. At the time of writing this, there is another empty board somewhere under the GameGear. I'll probably post there in a few hours, now that I've got this fever (only prescription=more posting).

Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes.
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