the official CHEAT faq (keep bump) (please make sticky!)

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User Info: lu31605

11 years ago#1

Well I  done this little  faq soo that their would be no more topics about useing cheats etc.

Lets get started.. (you can use ctrl-f to find what your looking for easier)









(btw im not talking about the give_ancillary cheat because im certain that it does not work.. correct me if im wrong)



well this code has been a popular one around here..

To use this cheat you must first know what unit your gonna have,to find the units id's you must go your MAIN rtw folder..then go to the DATA folder.., look down for the TEXT "export_descr_unit" next to the type is the unit's id.

now let me give my first example.. btw you do not need the " " when you type it in..

create_unit "city" "unit's id" "amount, experience, weapon type, armor type"

let me simplyfi this..this is just an example.

create_unit "Rome" "barb naked fanatics spain" " 5 9 9 3"

you can do this to any unit..

(the 5 9 9 3 is the one i gives all gold to experience weapon and armor)

If you still dont kno the unit's id let me explain..

type             barb peasant briton
dictionary       barb_peasant_briton      ; Barbarian Peasants
category         infantry
class            light
voice_type       Light_1
soldier          barb_peasant, 60, 0, 0.7
attributes       sea_faring, hide_improved_forest
formation        1.2, 1.8, 2.4, 2.4, 6, horde
stat_health      1, 0
stat_pri         1, 0, no, 0, 0, melee, simple, piercing, knife, 25 ,1
stat_pri_attr    no
stat_sec         0, 0, no, 0, 0, no, no, no, none, 25 ,1
stat_sec_attr    no
stat_pri_armour  3, 1, 0, leather
stat_sec_armour  0, 0, flesh
stat_heat        2
stat_ground      2, -2, 3, 2
stat_mental      0, low, untrained
stat_charge_dist 30
stat_fire_delay  0
stat_food        60, 300
stat_cost        1, 150, 100, 20, 30, 150
ownership        britons

the dark words are the unit's id..

done with this one..


this cheat allows you to give your character a certain trait to make him better in command,influcence, and mangament. VERY IMPORTANT!! you must put the " " marks next to the character and the trait..

for this you also need to know the traits... what i use to find the traits intead of looking for them is the  =ET=FullToolsCollection1.0---


i recommend you download this because not only does it give you the TRAIT EDITOR but a whole bunch more!!

now after you downloaded this look in for the trait editor..

run this (it has no virus etc) and it shows you all the possible trait for rtw (you need to direct it to the main rtw folder then data and select the text shown along with the rest (it shows you)

you dont have to edit nothing here. so dont be scare or nothing..

now for a example-

give_trait "Character" "trait" "number"

for detailed-

give_trait "Gaius Scipio" "Handsome" "3"

you type in the character (note some characters may change the name beacuse of a certain trait)

the trait "Handsome" or whatever trait is you want.

and the number

the trait Handsome will change my characters name for "Gaius the Handsome"

if you want to give him another trait you STILL HAVE TO type in the original name.

you cannot type in give_trait "Gaius the Handsome".

intead of "the Handsome" you have to type in "Scipio"

For the number-

1 , 2 , and 3  is what you can use for the trait...

for example- give_trait "Gaius Scipio" "Intelligent" 1 .will make him "Sharp"

                  give_trait "Gaius Scipio" "Intelligent" 2 . will make him "Intelligent"

                 give_trait "Gaius Scipio" "Intelligent" 3 will make him a genius..

         the futher the number the more of the trait hes gonna get..

done with this one


this cheat will make your city complete what it is building at the moment. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TYPE THE " " MARKS


process_cq Rome

kinda simple dont you think..

now with cities with two names like "Campus Scythii" ..

i have try to put it like

process_cq Campus_Scythii

and it has worked.

done with this one.


this cheat will give you city the number of people you want...this is very usefull when you want ur cities to level up..YOU DO NOT NEED TO TYPE THE " " MARKS


add_population "City" "Number"


add_population Rome 20000

this will give Rome 20000 more people.. (note- sometimes you may need to be outside the city.meaning that you cant be in the building, recuiting of that city when tyeping in this code)



do i really have to exaplain this to ya?? NO " " MARKS

add_money "amount of money"

maxium of money per cheat is 20000..



this cheat makes the whole map visable.

just type it in and there you  go..



this cheat makes the attacker/defender win automatilly.


when your enemy attacks you, you will need to put in

auto_win defender

when YOU attack SOMEONE you will to put in

auto_win attacker


you attack - auto_win attacker

they attack you- auto_win defender

done finally!!


well the user luc_good gave me the idea to make this faq so some credit goes to him..

and i want to thank all the user's that when i was a noob you helped me may not know that it you!!

well yea thanks everyone.. hope you like this faq...


User Info: lu31605

11 years ago#2


wow nice faq lu31605 good job..

User Info: Vakarro

11 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Bospsychopaat

11 years ago#4
^^ Vakarro shut up. It's a nice faq.

(secret bump)
People are stupid. They will believe anything they want to be true or fear to be true.

User Info: Vakarro

11 years ago#5

You don't bump a topic when it's at the top of the ****ing list.
The Dark Rider//Veteran Secretary of Defense

User Info: lu31605

11 years ago#6

Vakarro posted...
Complimenting yourself, eh? I can't say I didn't expect more from a Gamespotter.
The Dark Rider//Veteran Secretary of Defense

u see the bump dude??

User Info: Vakarro

11 years ago#7

wow nice faq lu31605 good job..

That's what I saw. Rather than just bump the topic, you chose to be conceited.
The Dark Rider//Veteran Secretary of Defense

User Info: lu31605

11 years ago#8

wellll sooryyy..

User Info: lu31605

11 years ago#9

btw the reason i did the comment is because just putting "bump" can get you moded you have to talk about something else..


User Info: lu31605

11 years ago#10
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