Am I moving too slowly?

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User Info: jetman1287

8 years ago#1
Hey everyone, I'm around 200 BC and I feel like I have about 400 turns left.

I've taken over Gaul and am slowly overrunning Spain. Germany and Briton are still intact. I have a total of 14 territories.

I feel like I'm moving too slowly, and at this rate I might run out of time to take over the world. I play conservatively because I don't want to overstretch and have to pull back. I want to slowly destroy everyone.

Do you think I have enough time to win, or should I start attacking to the north? I am currently allied with Briton and my only enemy is Spain.

User Info: codysan87

8 years ago#2
There is more than enough time to conquer Europe, 1 province every 5 turns and you should still have some time left, so If you can't I feel very sorry for you. But as the saying goes, If you have to ask...
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User Info: PEDEG

8 years ago#3
400 turns is a lot. you should be able to add 36 provs in 200 turns.
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User Info: TheLunaDivider

8 years ago#4


Yeah, but he should have conquered more than 14 provinces in 70 years.

User Info: SSj4Wingzero

8 years ago#5
Try overstretching, it makes the game fun. But don't do it too much, otherwise you start getting pushed back and end up having to raise another army back at home and march them over to Spain. You don't wanna destroy them slowly, it's more fun when you spend the tons of money you have and realize that you have four full stacks and then just send them into Spain and eliminate the region within the span of like 10 turns or so. For what it's worth, Rome hadn't even beaten Carthage at the time you're talking about.

Of course Rome later went on a path of conquest at a rate which was unforeseen, never to be matched until the Mongols came around, but...yeah.
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User Info: romebasher

8 years ago#6
Well I'm currently playing as Parthia on VH/VH and have 14 provinces at 245 B.C and I thought I was struggling to be honest. How are your finances??
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User Info: XanderDoubleSev

8 years ago#7
Quite frankly, you can rule EVERY PROVINCE ON THE MAP by 200 bc.

So, yeah, you're kinda slow. The question is, are you having fun?

User Info: Waffles340

8 years ago#8
My record is every thing by 180 BC
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User Info: romebasher

8 years ago#9
Currently got 61 provinces by 223 B.C with Gaul and lots of Foresters.
"The measure of a man's character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out." ~ Thomas Macaulay
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