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User Info: Bibahtalo

8 years ago#1
I don't know why i'm unable to ambush the enemy in battle.First when i start arraging the units and the formation if there's a dense forest,i would hide the cavalry there in order to suprise and hit the enemy from behind and everything seems to be working fine(above the unit card a tree appears,which means that they're hidding) untill the enemy send troops to attack the cavalry even if they're deployed far from the enemy and hidding.

What's the problem?

User Info: LightSpectra

8 years ago#2
Your troops aren't invisible to the enemy unless there's a little icon of a tree on the unit card. As far as I'm aware, cavalry and artillery can never hide.
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User Info: StiLL_TrAiNinG

8 years ago#3
Cavalry can hide, however your general can't.
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User Info: InstantIceCube

8 years ago#4
and also iirc the enemies will spot your cavalry if they're too close to the trees. hit them before they can sense ur presence ;]
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User Info: Trev_006

8 years ago#5
Getting ambushes to work is a very difficult prospect on the battlefield. Infantry hide the best but can't move fast enough to best take advantage of the surprise.

The method I like best is a slow withdrawal with missile units to try and break the enemy formation. You then hit them as well as you can once their cohesion is gone. The units lost from missile fire, plus the "surprised" moral loss can be enough to turn the tide your way (I find it so hard to get the "surprised" moral debuff)
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User Info: ChaosArbiter

8 years ago#6
I don't find getting "Surprised" that difficult to get; the problem lies in the fact that unless you have an entire army jumping out at one unit, it doesn't last long enough to really take advantage of it. I've literally never seen it last for more than ten seconds at a time.
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User Info: Bibahtalo

8 years ago#7
I still can't ambush the enemy,however a managed to hit him from behind with my cavalry.i made a three lines of infantry formation and placed the triarii on the flanks..while the cavalry was deployed far on the left and right,hiding between the trees.Anyway the Gauls still sent troops,although i wasn't sure that they send it to hit the cavalry,because it was missile cavalry,they were marching and they looked surprised when i attacked,i was able to rout them and they i started chasing them,while on the other side the infantry was fighting,so when i got behind them i stopped chasing them,went back and i hit them from behind,they immediately routed.
Still it wasn't much of and ambush since they sent troops to attack me =[

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