Character names and "titles"

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User Info: Gavster59

8 years ago#1
As I'm sure you all know, when one of your characters develops a trait to a certain level, they gain a title on the end of their name relating to that trait (such as "the Mighty" when the Commander trait has been developed).
What I'm wondering is, is there any way to remove the title? Or even just a screen to check what your character's real name is/was?
I noticed when trying to use a give_trait cheat on a character with a title that I needed to type in the character's proper name, but I couldn't remember it because of the damned title! It's a pain in the bum!

Many thanks :)

User Info: smokingfrog2

8 years ago#2
You can only overwrite titles with a newer epithet, I'm 97% sure there's no way to revert or even see the character's original name.
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User Info: daishan35

8 years ago#3
one thing that you can do is not jsut rely on quicksave....i learned early on that i kept using it and then i had no idea what their names were originally. so save like..Julli1...2...3....etc, that way you can go back and look at what their names were quite easily. then, if you want to dork out like i used can write down all the names that you marry into or you bribe into your faction.

User Info: luc good

luc good
8 years ago#4
No way to lose a title.
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User Info: Leviathan412

8 years ago#5
You could always look in the family tree to find out their last name from their father or male offspring. Of course, if they were adopted and/or haven't had a boy yet, you're out of luck.

User Info: daishan35

8 years ago#6
regarding this title there a doc file that says what titles we can earn? like char traits, etc...
i just thought it would be cool if there was ..."the great" alexander the great.

User Info: black spider

black spider
8 years ago#7
These are the possible titles included in vanilla RTW. They can be found in data\text\export_VnVs.txt, along with the descriptions that go along with them. Some are hilarious, and some are a bit boring, but do search for "greek lover" if you open that file.

{Pathetic_Attacker_epithet_desc} the Foolhardy
{Irredeemably_Foul-mouthed_epithet_desc} the Profane
{Utterly_Fearless_epithet_desc} the Brave
{Craven_Coward_epithet_desc} the Lily-livered
{Ruled_By_Fear_epithet_desc} the Coward
{Berserker_epithet_desc} the Bloodyhanded
{Conqueror_epithet_desc} Victor
{Conquering_Hero_epithet_desc} the Conqueror
{Spy_Master_epithet_desc} the Cunning
{Master_of_Assassins_epithet_desc} the Killer
{Great_Deceiver_epithet_desc} the Cunning
{Absolutely_Just_epithet_desc} the Just
{Cruel_Ruler_epithet_desc} the Cruel
{Humane_Ruler_epithet_desc} the Good
{Gladiator_Obsessed_epithet_desc} the "Editor"
{Hero-Worships_Gladiators_epithet_desc} the "Editor"
{Paralytic_epithet_desc} the Drunkard
{National_Hero_epithet_desc} the Brave
{Legendary_Commander_epithet_desc} the Mighty
{Heroic_Attacker_epithet_desc} the Attacker
{Heroic_Defender_epithet_desc} the Defender
{Grotesquely_Perverse_epithet_desc} the Perverse
{Sexual_Predator_epithet_desc} the Womaniser
{Exceptional_Ambusher_epithet_desc} the Cunning
{Legendary_Siege_Expert_epithet_desc} the Conqueror
{Legendary_City_Defender_epithet_desc} the Defender
{Insanely_Brave_epithet_desc} the Brave
{Indolent_Lardy_Arse_epithet_desc} the Fat
{Hates_The_Gods_epithet_desc} the Faithless
{Venerates_The_Gods_epithet_desc} the Pious
{Legendary_Warlord_epithet_desc} the Great
{Great_Orator_epithet_desc} the Orator
{Natural_Philosopher_epithet_desc} the Thinker
{Abstruse_Philosopher_epithet_desc} the Philosopher
{Great_Architect_epithet_desc} the Builder
{Apician_Glutton_epithet_desc} Corpulentus
{Ruled_by_Luck_epithet_desc} the Gambler
{Immune_to_Death?_epithet_desc} the Fortunate
{Pathological_Liar_epithet_desc} the Liar
{Upright_epithet_desc} the Honest
{Rods-And-Axes_epithet_desc} the Harsh
{Liberal_Governor_epithet_desc} the Kind
{Outraged_Husband_epithet_desc} the Cuckold
{Master_Engineer_epithet_desc} the Engineer
{Great_Builder_epithet_desc} the Builder
{Phlegmatic_epithet_desc} the Cold-hearted
{Melancholic_epithet_desc} the Morbid
{Choleric_epithet_desc} the Angry
{Fanatical_Chariot_Racer_epithet_desc} the Charioteer
{Miserly_epithet_desc} the Mean
{Awful_Foreign_Affectation_epithet_desc} the "Greek Lover"
{Virtus_epithet_desc} Augustus
{Not_Safe_with_Man_or_Beast_epithet_desc} the Foul
{Cruelly_Scarred_epithet_desc} "Scarface"
{Foolishy_Indiscreet_epithet_desc} the Gossip
{Infantry_Commander_of_Genius_epithet_desc} the Infantryman
{Cavalry_Commander_of_Genius_epithet_desc} the Horseman
{Drooling_Inbred_Idiot_epithet_desc} the Idiot
{Godlike_Perfection_epithet_desc} the Handsome
{Scares_Small_Children_epithet_desc} the Ugly
{Victory_from_the_Jaws_of_Defeat_epithet_desc} the Lucky
{Stonewall_epithet_desc} the Steadfast
{Unhinged_Loon_epithet_desc} the Mad
{Dangerously_Mad_epithet_desc} the Mad
{Glorious_Fool_epithet_desc} the Glorious
{Uncontrollable_Rage_epithet_desc} the Wrathful
{Pious_epithet_desc} the Holy
{Sacrilegious_epithet_desc} the Blasphemer
{Lewd_epithet_desc} the Lewd
{Legendary_Hero_epithet_desc} the Great
{Utterly_Disgraced_epithet_desc} Infortunatus
{Mostly_Redeemed_epithet_desc} Signifer
{Eagle_Collector_epithet_desc} of the Eagles
{Exterminator_epithet_desc} the Butcher

{Master_Spy_epithet_desc} the Clever

{Superior_Assassin_epithet_desc} the Killer
{Expert_Assassin_epithet_desc} the Killer
{Master_Assassin_epithet_desc} the Killer

{Legendary_Admiral_epithet_desc} the Navigator

User Info: Leviathan412

8 years ago#8
I had an Augustus idea how he got the "Virtus" trait though.

User Info: daishan35

8 years ago#9
wow...thanks man...appreciate you putting the list on here....too abd for me that Alexander (the Seleucid) cant get the dorkdom would be oh so happy if he could.
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