Your epic Rome Total War battles? - Plus Youtube videos of RTW

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User Info: Vendayn

7 years ago#1

Do you have any particular Rome Total War videos that you like? Reason I ask is, because I'm going to be doing interactive videos of RTW, and YOU the viewer will in the videos comments choose how I play the campaign. So looking at different RTW videos people like, will give me good ideas on what I should do. And, you the viewer will decide which way I should expand, or who I should attack, or do nothing at all, or just build up...or something entirely different. If that sounds interesting, check out my blog post (in signature) about it.

Also, what have some of your epic moments been in Total War? Could be something like the enemy outnumbering you 2 to 1, and you won, or epicly lost...anything really.

One of my moments was actually recent (playing Rome Total War). I attacked (I should have waited till I was stronger) an enemy city. Well I conquered it. But a few turns later, the enemy is at my newly conquered city's doorstep...I had about a 1000 men defending it, and they had over 2000. They had a bunch of phalanx troops under their command, some mercenaries, a couple ranged troops, some guys using axes, spearmen and two generals. I had a few phalanx troops, a few archer troops and two generals. Well, strategic placing of all my troops at the beginning, my phalanx ended up holding their own for quite a while. But the enemy had finally broken through my main defense. Well, they rushed toward my city center, and I used the remaining troops I had (which consisted of 3 phalanx troops, one that only had 30 or so men left), and held my ground by surrounding them with my troops. My ranged had long gone out of arrows, and they too rushed the enemy. I used my one general to keep inspiring my troops (which helps A LOT in battle) phalanx were able to hold their ground, and the enemy routed. I lost a lot of men (more than half my army), but the enemy took a larger defeat. Phalanx troops are great in narrow spaces, which probably using that advantage won. But it sure was exciting and adrenaline pumping. I thought I was for sure going to lose. I soon made peace, which my diplomat succeeded, and they backed off their attacks. Thats where I left off last.

This was using Europa Barbarorum mod, and I'm playing as Baktria. The enemy being a very large nation, Arche Seleukeia. Though they focus on their western front (huge battles between them and Egypt, plus some Europe factions), they don't bother too much with their eastern front, which is lucky for me.

So, whats your epic stories in Rome Total War?

User Info: ganstamaori

7 years ago#2
I can't find the link, but Prince of Macedon's 2vs2 was interesting. His Seleucid ally got owned by his own elephants, so it was basically two vs one and he won.

Also, if you're going to do that (and I think it's a good idea) I would pick a faction like the Seleucid Empire or Greece, who have quite a number of options on how to expand.

Lastly, my battle highlights. Yesterday I started my first long roman campaign as the Julii, and started the civil war with 30ish provinces in Gaul, Greece, and Asia Minor. Although the Marius reforms had just hit, I was in a rush to get the civil war underway. So, I marched a near two full stacks of pre marius soldiers to Rome and laid siege to it.

During the SPQR turn, they sent one army after the other over to deal with me, so each fight I had two armies verses the better equipped one. The first battle went smoothly as my basic units of calvary kept hitting them from behind and causing them to route.

For the second fight, my horsemen were less in number, and I had about 1 1/2 stack verses a full post SPQR stack, which was again better equipped. I made it so I was controlling all of my army to prevent my generals from getting themselves killed, as a result I could only control half of my army. It got obliterated. After than, I put my foot troops (the most basic kind) in a defensive formation while my five generals led charges at their ranged units and light infantry. Near the end, the rest of the SPQR troops retreated (luckily) and I went on to exterminate Rome.

I then bribed Capua the following turn to join me xD.
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User Info: Barrowhite

7 years ago#3
My favourite has to be an Online tactic I have been using recently which involves taking a very weak cavalry contingent but with 3-4 units of G/G Triarii and going for a vast Infantry superiority and playing defensively with my cavalry. So far I have beaten several Eastern armies who roll out with 6 fully upgraded Cataphracts every time and it works just as well against other roman players as the Denari I save allows me to have vastly superior cohorts. In anything above 15k I generally can take an archer advantage with 6 units of G/B archer Auxillia too.
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User Info: tshrops

7 years ago#4
I had one when I was playing as the Greek States and I had conquered Macedon, all of the romans, Pontus ect. and Eygpt was next on my list to destroy. I sent one stack of just pure phalanx and like 2 armoured phalanx and a general into Eygptian land with another stack little far behind but they couldn't help in a battle though. I was pillaging the country side when a 4 unit army attacked me and 3 full stacks of other Eygptian stacks. The Eygptian reinforcements were delayed so I took my general (who is very highly leveled up) and completely wiped out 4 unit army then the reinforcements came. They came from the north, southwest, and east so I put my troops in somewhat of a square (not a noob circle) and the the Egyptians just sent wave after wave. My right flank had almost given out when their entire front flank went into a mass route so I swung those troops over to the right. After a while of fighting some soldiers from the Egyptian front came back but they were too far away to help their allies we eventually defeated both the left and right flanks so it was just easy from there on out. My army retreated by boat to one of my islands (I sent the general to my other stack which got attacked by another army the general died in that battle) after being replenished the conquest of Eygpt continued and in the next 15 years they were destroyed.
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