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User Info: ICFREngeland

5 years ago#1
Hi. I got this game a few months ago and have some questions.
It seems like my gold disappears in between rounds. I have already met the terms of victory (take rome, 1/2 the map) and I will end a round with about 30k gold, and when it comes back I sometimes have less, but usually never more. Are the cities using it automatically? I could be missing something, so help please.

Also, sometimes when attacking a large wall with siege towers, my troops simply run into the base of it and not entering it. any ideas?
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User Info: MurderKing

5 years ago#2
Siege tower troop AI is stupid, they will generally just stand or run around confused, if not micromanaged. After they all start entering the base of the tower, you might have to click move/attack multiple times if they get stuck or turned around. And even so, it seems to take them all a long time to climb up that tower.
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