Need help with Pyro Deck!

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User Info: YuGiOhLord15

9 years ago#1
I am currently constructing a Pyro deck(I love Pyros!!!). My deck leader will be Vermillion Sparrow. Here is how it is so far!

Deck Leader: Vermillion Sparrow

3x Molten Behemoth
3x Flame Cerebrus
3x Vermillion Sparrow
2x Hinotama Soul
2x Fire Eye
2x Fireyarou
2x Jigen Bakudan
2x Dragon Piper
2x Flame Ghost (Destroys Sea terrain cards)
1x Magician of Faith
1x Ancient Tree of Enlightenment

3x Burning Spear
2x Salamandra
2x Spring of Rebirth
1x Eternal Drought
1x Dark-piercing light
1x Cursebreaker
2x Forest ( Yes, Pyros get boosted by Forest!, duhh!)
2x Tremendous Fire
1x Yellow Luster Shield

1x Mirror Wall
1x Shadow of Eyes
2x Magic Jammer
1x Goblin Fan

Any suggestions or modifications will be greatly appreciated!!!


User Info: ZeoKnight

9 years ago#2
i think you can exchange fireyarou with flame cerberus, since fireyarou doesn't have an effect at all...
and why do you choose eternal drought?? i know if it is for destroying fish, but fish monsters are so little, so they don't appear too much on the battle, unless your opponent make a fish deck... so i think you can exchange them with cheap magic card, like paralyzing potion or megamorph...
then, you choose magician of faith, what cards do you want to revive from it? magic jammer?

maybe it's not related to your pyro deck, but maybe you can use fire reaper for destroying cards on the meadow...
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User Info: ryukenshin612

9 years ago#3
weak pyro + warrior = flame swordsman
flame swordsman + pyro = vermillion sparrow
beast + pyro = flame cerebrus

these fusions should help a lot, just use low deck cost/useful effect beasts and warriors

User Info: Lord Heimdall

Lord Heimdall
9 years ago#4
I'm currently running a Pyro deck as well. Personally, I think there are too many weak pyro monsters there, you can stick only with 3x Molten, 3x Vermillion, 3x Flame Cerberus, and 2 Fire Eye and/or 2 Dragon Piper.

As for spells, as mentioned above, Eternal Drought is kinda useless. Shadow of Eyes is meh, l'd replace it with Dark Hole / White Hole combo. If you rely on Yellow Luster Shield, consider adding at least one Shield and Sword. One or two Paralyzing Potions can be handy. And Mirror Wall is just overkill...

But anyway, this is my style...
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