Blue Eyes White Dragon ??

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User Info: SargeantPithunk

8 years ago#1
Anybody know how to get
Blue Eyes White Dragon ??
Can i get it by Slot Machine, 3 Same Card ??
Or Can I Get it by Reincarnation ??

Plsss Help me ^^

User Info: Lord Heimdall

Lord Heimdall
8 years ago#2
Just by aligning 3 cards in the slot reels. It's kinda common, actually (not as common as Summoned Skull, but...).
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User Info: Lordkill

8 years ago#3
Its a slot rare and depending on luck it will take you either a very long time (two years for me) or a short time to get a BEWD
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User Info: nps_pon2182

8 years ago#4
if you really want some blue eyes, get past every duelist in the game, then go to map edit in custom duel (called 1P user setup or somethin), make a field that is all labyrinth except for the space directly in front of you, make your leader a Kairyu-Shin (get it from Mako), then all you have to do is duel the CPU on that field....just press start once and the duel will end and you win, then you try to line up Kairyu-Shin to get a slot jackpot....if you get its rank to SD it will have all 5 slot arrows, making it easier to get jackpots with

User Info: baron_karza

8 years ago#5
Did it REALLY take you two years to get a Blue Eyes, Lordkill? Were you playing often or rarely?
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User Info: JessicaHayes

8 years ago#6
I've gotten it in like two hours once, the annoying part is getting three of the same card in a row.
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User Info: intrepid40

8 years ago#7
i have 2 of them. my brother is the slot master, so he usaully do the slots if i'm aiming to get a certain card.
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User Info: nps_pon2182

8 years ago#8
silly people just read my post up there, i have 6 blue eyes on my current file, after having lost my previous main file and having to create another one from scratch (BTW, there is only one obtainable card i am missing, the Beastly Mirror Ritual card, so what card should i reincarnate to try to get it?)

User Info: Amon_Ishtar

8 years ago#9
Slot Rares are all completely luck-based, with the exception of the cards that, when lined up, only ever produce one result.

However, one time when I was screwing around and completely started over on one of my files, I got a Blue-Eyes from the slots after the very first battle.
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User Info: Lordkill

8 years ago#10
I was playing on a regular basis for over a years, defeated every opponant, multiple times and never got a BEWD, till I had recently started playing again, then they just started popping out
who won, the immovable object with the big hole in it or the irresistable force?

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