Must have cards?

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User Info: lightninglarry

7 years ago#1
What are some must have cards? I've read up on a lot of posts and seen a bunch of cards that I've never even seen before in the game, just wondering what their #s are and any special effects.

Right now im still trying to obtain the eye armor card thru reincarnation. Heard if u reincarnate a 19 dc card u might get it? Heard its like a cheap version of the greenkappa?

what are some other must have

doesnt matter

User Info: Overlordtico

7 years ago#2
solomon's lawbook
paralyzing potion
temple of skulls
gate deeg
labyrinth tank
wicked worm beast
roaring ocean seasnake
fiend reflection #2

those are some pretty powerful cards that have some important purpose and use
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User Info: nps_pon2182

7 years ago#3
yes it is cheaper but only by 5 DC, so it doesnt make that much of a difference

User Info: occupine

7 years ago#4
how do you get fiend reflection 2?i never use paralyzing potion or temple of skulls
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User Info: lightninglarry

7 years ago#5
i too wonder about the fiend reflection #2
reincarnate something?

User Info: HeraclesGr

7 years ago#6
Actually I disagree with the concept of this topic cause in YuGiOh ALL cards are "must have"... What cards are you going to use more is entirely up to your own taste of battle.I am using warriors so it is imperative for me to have at least 3 copies of greenkappa and another 3 of eyermor cards,amongst others.If you like machines for example then having a greenkappa isn't exactly a priority for you,it can show up as the last card missing from your library and it would still not affect you game...

The "must have" expression can be applied on only one thing about this game.Should you choose a particular monster as a deck leader then having 4 copies of it IS a must have.My library is complete and I only have one copy of the Droll Bird so I can not pick this monster as a low level winged beast deck leader and upgrade it to SD.
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User Info: baron_karza

7 years ago#7
"Must have" depends on the deck you're using. For example, my first deck revolved around Mystical Elf and Hoshingen powering up my other light attribute monsters, so I needed two or three darkness Approaches. Often I could power up a monster by over 5,000 points in a single turn..

Depending on your strategy there are certain cards you need. If you run an Exodia deck then Overlordtico's recommendation would be ideal.

In general if your strategy is to reduce an opponent's LP trhu battle then the cards you "must have" would be Tears of the Mermaid, Mesmeric Control and Shadow Spell. These cards will not only reduce your opponent's monsters in power but also hold them in attack position long enough for you to destroy them and do damage. While I don't like using cards that need a password to obtain, Mirror Wall more or less guarantees you victory if you use it and can protect it.

This game affords a lot of variety in terms of winning deck types. Light, water, Exodia and zombie decks seem to work really well but some decks based on individual monsters like a fusion/ Muka Muka deck can give you a monster with an atk of 9,999 in a single summoning.

Just play around and let us know what you come up with.

Good Luck!
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User Info: occupine

7 years ago#8
i quote from tico "my deck is too random"

my deck is random but probably one of the most effective decks.i do not like theme decks.
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User Info: Overlordtico

7 years ago#9
lol, most my decks got 1 goal or 1 theme. I barely ever make anything of multiple strategies in one. It makes the draws more inconsistent
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User Info: occupine

7 years ago#10
multiple strategies mean higher chance on being successfull aswell,if one strat fails,use another.and ect
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