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Luck is so useless for this game..Schrodinger94367/26 1:50PM
Did the Whip Sword exist in this game only to let Soma experiment with whips?slk_2377/15 6:40AM
What is it about this room that makes it so missable?Baryn34/13 8:34PM
Is there any reward for 100% map completion?Baryn24/13 9:24AM
The cutscene between Graham and Yoko honestly makes no sense (spoilers)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
slk_23113/18 12:13AM
I still think the Headhunter was one of the best boss battles in the entire gameslk_23212/10 10:02PM
Is there a way to start a game in Hard Mode without carrying over the previousRealPandemonium212/9 12:07AM
Throne Fights was good; why does the final boss music sound like random noises?slk_23210/16 11:16PM
Was playing the NG+ mode a bit this morningBlack_Crusher68/23 8:34PM
If Soma Cruz was born after 1999, what was Dracula doing that time? (spoilers)slk_2348/17 5:18PM
New to Castlevania series, where to start?R_O_B_Sentry54/26/2016
Julius battle reminds me of Richter battle in Symphony of the Night (spoilers)slk_2323/31/2016
Details on Castle Corridor>Inner Quarters sequence breakuffbulle12/20/2016
Floating armor locationSuperlinkbro21/23/2016
dang it!MakoEnergy777789/22/2015
Devil soul crashing my gamebeavcoonBeliv17/14/2015
Should I buy this or Golden Sun 1 and 2Idiots27/3/2015
Impressions after just beating the game (Spoilers)kdogg207776/14/2015
Spiritual Successor to Metroivania games announced by creator of Metroidvaniasaint3556/14/2015
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