Best Tower Defense EVER

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User Info: Tamahote

9 years ago#1

>_> Monkey Tower GO!
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User Info: burninfire251

9 years ago#2
I've been looking for a new good tower defense. I was disappointed with this atrocity.

Some Fun TDs:
Power Towers -- unique "energy" concept for towers, really fun
Cube Defense -- can never go wrong; it's still great
Skibi TD -- one of my all time favorites as well. The minigames are fun, and the TD is great as well. Can't go wrong.
Wintermaul -- I haven't played this in so long but I really want to now. So many versions of it... handful were good, most were "fixed"/cheats/broken.
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User Info: ruby_sauce

9 years ago#3
I like gem TD

sprout TD isn't bad either
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User Info: TheNinJa7777

9 years ago#4
I cannot for the life of me figure out why people like Bloons.
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User Info: Hacker_Cool

9 years ago#5
Best TD I've played recently is Evee TD. It's like Gem TD except you build instead of luck, so it's maze-oriented. The only TD that is as fun is Skibi.
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User Info: Crystania

9 years ago#6
No love for Element TD?
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User Info: TheNewMoon

9 years ago#7
Ele TD 4.0 is a bit strange to me.
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User Info: TheNinJa7777

9 years ago#8
From Crystania
No love for Element TD?

I be Theninja7777

User Info: iscareu13

9 years ago#9
i liked element td 3.0, but i dont like 4.0 <.<
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User Info: Dude_Gheb

9 years ago#10
soo tru^
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