Direct X Problems...tryed a lot to fix it

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User Info: manitaru

5 years ago#1
Just recently I have not been able to launch Warcraft 3. As I run it it says "could not initialize direct x 8.1. I looked online and a bunch of people have this problem but I seem to be one of the ones that can't fix it the same way. I have reinstalled the game, reinstalled my graphics drivers, reinstalled directx, and tried all the compatibility options. Really want to play this game I hope someone can help.

User Info: MutantJohn

5 years ago#2
Can't you just tell it to run the game with a later version of DirectX? Like 9 or something, I think they go up to now.

You just have to find the file where it defines which version of directx to look for. I know battlefiled bad company 2 runs that way in that there's a text file the game will call on to know which version of directx to use.
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User Info: manitaru

5 years ago#3
I did a computer search and can't find any directx related files in my warcraft folder. I also tried adding a -dx9 and -dx8.1 (to force an earlier directx) to the end of the shortcut and both times there was no difference.

User Info: manitaru

5 years ago#4
If anyone continues to have this problem like I did try this:
1)Delete all Warcraft 3 stuff
2)Place windows into safe mode with networking
3)Reinstall the Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos from the online files
4)Update Warcraft 3 using the online files
5)Reinstall Frozen Throne using the online files
6)Update Frozen Throne using online files
7)Restart your computer no longer in safe mode
8)Run the game as an administrator and it should work

User Info: Rajhin

5 years ago#5
Although I wasn't sure how to help and I myself do not have this problem, I have to say that I really appreciate you posting your answer. Too many people just say "Never mind, it's fixed." GameFAQs is high priority in search engines, so I'm sure this will help people in the future.
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  3. Direct X Problems...tryed a lot to fix it

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