Chaos ring self quest

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User Info: yamidany

5 years ago#1
ok after reading how to obtain it i realiced it may be a bit dificult so i prepared myself, got really comfortable cause i was prolly been hours there, i was even ready to try it for days if necesary, anyway i fulfilled my bag with feathers and went to forgotten dung.

... first fairy = chaos ring

dunno if to feel bad or good about it o_o

User Info: IzualUrashima

5 years ago#2
Feel good. Many players do 100+ Forgotten Dungeon runs and don't have one.
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User Info: CrimsonKnight

5 years ago#3
I always end up with Chaos rings on the wrong characters. I have a Ninja sitting with a Blood Knife and no way to use it as my Warrior has 3 rings rotting in his inventory.

User Info: John_Dane

5 years ago#4
Inventory sharing would have been a real boon in this game. I hate when I find some awesome piece of equipment for another character and then have to sell it.

User Info: Jack Talk Thai

Jack Talk Thai
5 years ago#5
I have put untold hours into this game and have only gotten two Chaos Rings in all that time.
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User Info: _Green_Knight_

5 years ago#6
Need 2 carts and 2 GBAs (or substitute 1 gba for a Gamecube with GBA player) and a link cable. Then you can transfer items.

User Info: John_Dane

5 years ago#7
I did it with my emulator. >_>
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