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User Info: valas_hune

9 years ago#1
Visit the site in my sig if you're interested in competing against my records, for that's where I constantly update them. Cheers!

Culver's Reach - Arabian Ridge Circuit 1:24.5
Culver's Reach - Hellas Ridge Circuit 1:13.39
Deep Sea Anomaly - Anomaly 17 Circuit 0:58.52
Deep Sea Anomaly - Anomaly 19 Circuit 1:21.58
Deep Space E.R.F. Station - E.R.F. Unit Circuit 1:04.57
Deep Space E.R.F. Station - Mining Dome Circuit 0:58.07
Dunroth's Folly - Dunroth's Folly Circuit 1:20.25
Dunroth's Folly - Dunroth's Rift Circuit 1:19.41
Santarem, Brazilia - Reactor Circuit 0:55.32
Santarem, Brazilia - Torre Circuit 1:20.42
Scavenger City - City Circuit 0:46.01
Scavenger City - Outlands Circuit 1:07.3
Vostok, Antarctica - Vostok Coastal Circuit 1:11.31
Vostok, Antarctica - Vostok Peaks Circuit 1:17.68
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