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User Info: SoBe

7 years ago#261
I enjoy messing around with Archers, but I still prefer a Scout for general use. Geo Change is just too useful to give up when traveling through Item World, especially before getting a Hyperdrive. Also it's a lot easier to boost just one stat(Hit) for Scouts as opposed to two(ATK/HIT) for Archers.

Still, I like the idea of having a powered up Archer. I think that when I get all my stored levels done on my current Surt, I may transmigrate her into an Archer just to see how she turns out. I have a spare Galaxy Bow leveled to 100 in ATK and three matching SRS leveled in ATK that I can put on her. I suspect that leveling SRS in HIT would be more beneficial to her since that attribute has a higher multiplier, but those would take time to collect and the ATK ones I already have. I chose to level the Galaxy Bow in ATK since the ATK stat on it is higher than HIT. I thought that the overall stats it would get should be higher that way.

User Info: SilvosForever

6 years ago#262
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User Info: PaulJA

6 years ago#263
Just a heads up for anyone using an emulator. Save before you go down a floor in the Item World, if you get a crap layout just reload and go down again. This also helps force specialists to appear if you're looking for them.

This doesn't invalidate the need for a good scout though - you may find yourself looking at a cool item on the bonus list but the floor sucks. The scout's Geo Change can help fix this. Also, on tiny floors, you can clear out the original geo panels and use Geo Change for another chance to clear the floor and build your bonus gauge.

Regarding the gun vs bow thing, I'd be firmly in the gun camp except for the fact that bows actually have aoe skills. However, since your party has a scout, he's automatically the candidate for using guns. This leaves the bow to be compared against other weapons -- and it doesn't stack well, especially considering you have to track 2 stats (atk, hit) instead of just 1 for everything else.

There was an example in an earlier post showing how bow poison could theoretically be uber. The thing is... for the overwhelming majority of the fights you get into in the game, you want the target dead in one round. Those which you don't really need to kill, e.g. they're just in the way and they're too strong to take down by 1-2 characters -- players don't waste time on those.

Best example is item world, since you'll be spending like 90% of your time ingame in there. Unless you're just blazing through a weak item snagging specialists, most of the time the mobs are quite tough, requiring 2+ characters to kill them. The fastest way of reaching the next exit 10 floors down would obviously be to NOT kill everything in sight. Other than specialists and obstacles (and the odd target of opportunity), most players will just toss mobs aside (or use a fist skill to bump something out of the way). Nobody's going to waste time inflicting DoT damage.

UPB? If you've got to that point, your party will surely have enough firepower to take it out in a couple of rounds. Actually, ditto for pretty much any boss fight. Realistically, you're maybe looking at 1-2 rounds of poisoning. Dragging it out longer just means more pain for you since the boss will likely be owning a character or two each round. I dunno, maybe it's just me, but I don't habitually find myself in situations where a 10% DoT is helpful in this game.

They really screwed over balance when they gave certain weapons aoes and not others, not to mention the horribly large gap between maxed stats of each weapon type.

User Info: UltraOverlord

4 years ago#264
this topic is OLD lol
(edited 4 years ago)

User Info: God_is_God

4 years ago#265
Hi I'm new here So reading through this.... use swords everything else sucks. Should I bother with mages or do they suck to?

User Info: LackingLack

4 years ago#266
God_is_God posted...
Hi I'm new here So reading through this.... use swords everything else sucks. Should I bother with mages or do they suck to?

Other weapons don't suck at all for combat, but swords are really easy for both grinding and combat. Staves are awesome and probably just as good or even better than swords. Mages become the strongest characters in the game, even with occasionally high RES enemies.

User Info: domine_dragon

3 years ago#267
good info

User Info: UltraOverlord

2 years ago#268
ten years old
Happy bday topic
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User Info: LackingLack

2 years ago#269
I have a question concerning the Dark Assembly. Specifically for people who are at the phase of the game where they can easily destroy the last Story stage and are prepared to begin exploring "postgame". It is very hard to pass the bills to open access to the "secret" areas. Which is the more efficient approach: bribing repeatedly or becoming strong enough and just slaughtering the entire Assembly? I would think slaughter sounds faster than bribing, but at the same time bribing "lasts forever" and you have to re-slaughter over and over once you do it the first time because they'll all loathe you forever then. So bribing seems like it takes more time initially to get going but once it is accomplished it is the preferable approach. Any ideas or advice on this?


User Info: LackingLack

2 years ago#270
Ok I think I might answer my own question here but basically: My advice is to people to yes slaughter the Assembly to open up access to secret areas but then once you want to start passing Stronger Enemies and other routine bills, commence the bribing process at that point. The secret area bills are almost impossible to pass legit even with HOURS of work bribing! Hope that helps anyone.
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