So how many senators are there?

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  3. So how many senators are there?

User Info: htaeD

9 years ago#1
Every time I make a headway in getting one to like me, another Loather pops up
So after nine months of Szayel fighting, Mayuri turns up and surprises him with a baby. Coincidence? I think not. ~ Serpit

User Info: Link_J

9 years ago#2
around the 240s new senators are hard to come by, I don't think anyone has more than 256.

User Info: Fodao

9 years ago#3
I always wondered that myself... Each time I went to the Senate, other senators just appeared out of nowhere no-stop. I can't count how many senator I have in my file!
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User Info: HenryEX

9 years ago#4
400, not counting in the castle inhabitants.
...i beLIEve...

User Info: gokusin

9 years ago#5
I don't really think there is a fixed number to the senators....

since to me I keep on getting different senators on my list even till today...but could just be after you kill the one another appears and just stays...while the other just revives>.> maybe.
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  3. So how many senators are there?

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