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User Info: FinalFLuver

5 years ago#1
Couple questions

Is there a faq anywhere that shows what items i can get for certain trades? What i mean is, i have a bunch of golden axes and silver axes, and was wondering if i should trade them or keep them for now?

I just ran into "Micino" and talked to him, and he said, "I'll trade 1 Jindachi for 10 golden axes", the weapons/armor faq on this page lists the Jindachi as a Heavy Blade, but doesnt give any description like the other weapons. So im assuming that one reason for saving the golden axes is specifically to get the JINDACHI, right?

thats what im specifically asking about, since no guide stated anything about the golden or silver axes, other then to obtain them whenever i reach a spring.

User Info: FinalFLuver

5 years ago#2
well i found it in the weapon/armor faqs, as it was misspelled jUndachi,

but anyways, that NPC has 3 items that he will trade, the Jindachi, Dragnir, Rising Sun, all of which he wants 10 golden axes for

since neither of these weapons is rare, im assuming i can find them in certain dungeons, so i guess i wont waste my axes on them yet.............but then what are the axes used for aside from GENERAL trade? I was hoping that after amassing them in the first 2 games, it would be used for something important?

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