What is the best Air Ride Machine for each course?

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User Info: Luigi_Fan2

4 years ago#1
I recently started playing this again. I'm just wondering, what should I use for each course in time attack? So far, this is what seems to work best for me:

Fantasy Meadows: Formula Star
Celestial Valley: Jet Star
Sky Sands: Swerve Star
Frozen Hillside: Swerve Star
Magma Flows: Wheelie Scooter
Beanstalk Park: Wheelie Scooter
Machine Passage: Swerve Star
Checker Knights: Wheelie Scooter
Nebula Belt: Formula Star

I looked at the archived topics and found this:

yodelerty posted...
Air Ride:

I don't understand how he got those times with the Rocket Star and the Bulk Star. Can anybody explain how it's done?

User Info: BlanketPI

4 years ago#2
Fantasy Meadows: It is either the Formula Star or the Rex Wheelie, probably the former
Celestial Valley: The Jet Star is indeed the best, followed closely behind by the Winged Star
Sky Sands: I want to say the Wagon Star, but maybe it's the Wheelie Scooter; Swerve Star is killed by the constant and gradual turning, so while it might have a raw speed advantage, the stopping to turn 3/4 times a curve (or going on the outside) really slows it down
Frozen Hillside: Swerve Star or Rocket Star, I believe, though in Time Trial and Air Ride, I (personally) do best with the Warpstar
Magma Flows: Turbo Star is very fast considering how well it turns, though it is one of the vehicles that cannot reach that booster floating in the middle..., still, ~29 mph is nothing to scoff at, especially with 21.42 for a little better turning and, admittedly, way better rails; Rocket Star is also solid
Beanstalk Park: This course is rather balanced, so I will guess... Slick Star because of its top-of-the-line rail speed and excellent turning on land by repeatedly charging and releasing, better than average top speed and decent gliding speed (not that there are a lot of gliding spots) but Wheelie Scooter would be my second guess, seeing as it has rail speed that sometimes even surpasses the Slick Star, great turning, superb aerial speed and great booster speed (not that there are a lot of those, either)
Machine Passage: Rocket Star for certain, though the Swerve Star is in second
Checker Knights: Rex Wheelie, followed by Wheelie Bike, I guess; Wheelie Scooter is third or fourth, though
Nebula Belt: Formula Star by a mile, though a Rocket Star might be able to combine its boosts with Stardrafting to overtake one at the end and most likely not end up in last place

My assessment of your assessment is that some machines are awful for racing in your opinion. The Rex Wheelie has a slightly higher top speed than the Swerve Star but can also use boosts and is the second best with them, only to the Formula Star. The Rocket Star fully charged while stationary goes up to 45.8x mph (!) so it is worth waiting for the full charge even on the turn leading into the cannon rather than suffering with 25- mph, meaning its average speed easily surpasses 25 mph even on very twisty courses like Machine Passage. (shallow turns like Sky Sands are not so good, though) The Slick Star is balanced, but with a lack of turning (mash "A" on the ground and it barely hurts) and booster speed in exchange for speed, air speed and rail speed. (compared to the Warpstar)

The Bulk Star you are probably right about for the most part but with damage on, it becomes a whole lot better, being the only vehicle that can withstand a direct ramming by Hydra. There is a glitch with it, which might explain the record or it might just be knowing how to use it, seeing as it is sort of like a reverse Rocket Star. When one charges with them is different, aside from the turns and long straight-aways. The Bulk Star has the highest maximum speed, along with Hydra, (124.86 mph/200.0 kmph) so getting into the air while already having used a little bit of your tank will mean both that you recover your fuel and when you land, your speed is equal to your falling speed, since the Bulk Star's maximum speed will always be way higher than even the thud from landing about 15 stories underneath where you were. (Try gliding off the Sky Garden in City Trial Free Run, towards the Dilapidated Houses and watch your speed continue to rise above 70 after landing) Charging while turning (rather than just waiting there) attracts your speed to 12.17 mph, so keep turning!

I'll look into the best ones for each more, though, seeing as I am curious, myself.
Sorry, can't talk; switching feet!
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User Info: BlanketPI

4 years ago#3
Fantasy Meadows is indeed the Formula Star for me, Checker Knights is the Rocket Star. I really forgot that the Rocket Star has way better boosts than any of the Wheelies and with better turning as well....

With the Bulk Star I was able to get about 1:02:9x in a lap (I don't remember exactly) but even with its really high speed at times, (twice it goes over 50 mph) I could not get it even to sub-1 minute and that is less than 3/4 a minute.... It would help if there were videos or detailed guides for this stuff but I digress....

By world records... (Source: http://www.cyberscore.me.uk/game/108 )
Course - Free Run machine - Time Trial machine - Single-Race machine
Fantasy Meadows - Rocket Star, then Bulk Star - Rocket Star, then Wheelie Bike - Rocket Star
Celestial Valley - Wheelie Scooter, then Jet Star - Jet Star, then Wheelie Scooter - Jet Star
Sky Sands - Jet Star, then Swerve Star - Swerve Star, then Swerve Star - turn your head about 10 degrees counter-clockwise
Frozen Hillside - Rocket Star, then Swerve Star - same as before - Slick Star
Magma Flows - Rocket Star, then Wheelie Bike - same as before - Rocket Star
Beanstalk Park - Jet Star, then Wheelie Scooter - same as before - Jet Star by .01 seconds
Machine Passage - Rocket Star, then Swerve Star - same as before - Rocket Star
Checker Knights - Rocket Star, then Wheelie Bike - same as before - it's pretty predictable
Nebula Belt - Bulk Star, then Formula Star - look that-a-way <- - Rocket Star

So, uh... don't take my advice!

Edit: Oh, and that the Bulk Star is not viable in Single-Race despite dominating Free Run and Time Trial on Nebula Belt would mean it is probably a glitch, possibly the turbo-controller-"A"-in-mid-air-so-that-you-drive-a-spasm-through-the-sky-and-somehow-gain-height glitch, seeing as it would take time to start gaining speed with that....
Sorry, can't talk; switching feet!
God has forged the tools of logic people use to denounce Him.

User Info: Luigi_Fan2

4 years ago#4
Wow! Thanks!

I actually like the bulk star and the slick star. In my opinion, before I saw the records, I thought the rocket star was the worst machine in the game without drafting (while being the best at some things with drafting). I must be terrible with it! I'll try using the boost more with it.

I knew about the bulk star jump glitch, but I can't get it to work outside of air glider (I'm bad at button mashing, so I land before I get to go high or land on one of the layers in high jump). I didn't think of using it the glitch to get the falling speed!

I use the slick star fairly often in City Trial. I knew about tapping A on the turns. I just found that it seemed to be outclassed in Time Trials.

Here's a little bit on how I picked the machines in my first post for some of the courses (I haven't played since my first post):

Fantasy Meadows: The course doesn't have many turns, so I tried the higher top speed rides. I once thought that Rex Wheelie was the best, until I tried the formula star. It gets pretty good boosts from the enemies, which there are a lot of.

Celestial Valley: The large number of jumps is great for the jet star, so I used it.

Sky Sands, Frozen Hillside and Machine Passage: The swerve star does well on these for some reason. I can't explain why. The swerve star is great for the end of Frozen Hillside.

Magma Flows, Beanstalk Park and Checker Knights: I was really quite unsure about what the best was on these courses. I did better with the wheelie scooter than the other machines, but the wheelie scooter is my favorite, so that probably influenced it. There are quite a few rails, which the wheelie scooter does do well on.

Nebula Belt: There are long straightaways, which the formula star does well with. It's a pretty obvious choice.

Perhaps I should post some of my times... I'm not sure if there's much of a reason to do that though, since the cyberscore already shows all of the best machines for each course.

User Info: BlanketPI

4 years ago#5
I appear to have made false presumptions, for which I apologize!
The Rocket Star has a steep learning curve at the beginning, so just keep playing with it. If you like the Bulk Star, it shouldn't be too unnatural, since the speed you are going at is sort of like fuel but I'm still not so great with the Rocket Star and I've been playing with it for a while, so it might take you a lot of time, too.
The Swerve Star has the 3rd highest top speed, (not counting the Bulk Star nor Rocket Star) and has great turning, so it is one of the easier vehicles to get good times with. It also is even better at City Trial, where the stopping is also very advantageous. (for example, in VS. King Dedede)
I did not know that glitch was possible without a turbo controller. I could never mash the button quickly enough but clearly you can so, nice button mashing skills!
Sorry, can't talk; switching feet!
God has forged the tools of logic people use to denounce Him.

User Info: Luigi_Fan2

4 years ago#6
BlanketPI posted...
I appear to have made false presumptions, for which I apologize!

It's okay. Lots of people hate some of the vehicles!

I've been trying the rocket star for a bit. The learning curve does seem pretty high. I'm currently trying it on machine passage. My best with the rocket star there is around 2 minutes and 35 seconds. The boost speed can be partially kept by tapping a just enough to avoid hitting the walls during turns. I never noticed that before, which might be part of why I was so bad with it.

I did not know that glitch was possible without a turbo controller. I could never mash the button quickly enough but clearly you can so, nice button mashing skills!

Thanks! I think having a high speed helps a lot with the glitch. I've only ever done it in air glider. You should be able to do it if you can press the button about three times or more per second. I usually charge up right before the boost pads. I use the first two pads and ignore the rest. I start tapping immediately after I jump. Each tap increases the upwards momentum, so you want to tap as early as possible, when the upwards momentum is the highest.

User Info: yodelerty

4 years ago#7
I could never get the Bulk Star glitch to work in Nebula Belt because my fingers aren't that fast or accurate. I started by turning around and trying to fly off the jump with as much of a charge built up as possible. That way I'd have some speed built up, as well as a full charge to accelerate even faster. After that I basically did the same thing with all the other jumps. There are a few additional methods for cornering and whatnot but it's been so long since I've tried that I don't remember the specifics.

I wish I still had the video but I've lost it. My apologies.

User Info: Luigi_Fan2

4 years ago#8

I can't beat my formula star time, but charging right before the ramp helps a lot.

I'm not sure how I overlooked the rocket star so much. I've become fairly good with it. I still have a long way to go though.
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