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User Info: KS1991

8 years ago#1
where all the power berrys located...?

User Info: Falada

8 years ago#2
1st Pberry: In your field. You'll find it eventually by tilling around your crop land.

2nd Pberry: From the Harvest Goddess. You will be rewarded with a power berry after making offerings to her for 10 days. (Yech!)

3rd Pberry: At the Horse Races prize booth. You can trade 900 medals to the mayor in exchange for a power berry.

4th Pberry: Win the Horse Race. 'Nuff said ;)

5th Pberry: Win the Dog Frisbee event in the summer.

6th Pberry: Fish off the dock/pier at the beach, and it'll eventually turn up.

Good luck! Courtesy of Fogu.
I did it 4 2 get teh lulz.

User Info: KS1991

8 years ago#3
Aren"t there ten power berries?

User Info: tpchittock

8 years ago#4
Power Berry 1 » In your field
Take your hoe and dig around your crop field. The berry will eventually turn up.

Power Berry 2 » Harvest Goddess
Take items you've grown on your farm to the Harvest Goddess. Toss the item into the water near the spring mine to make her appear. After throwing in an item for 10 days in a row, she'll reward you with the second berry.

Power Berry 3 » Turn in medals
When you bet on the horses during the horse race, you can win medals. Get the berry for 900 medals.

Power Berry 4 » Win the Horse Race

Power Berry 5 » Win The Frisbee Tournament.
You will also have to buy the Frisbee from Won for 5,000 G. (it must be year 2 or later because only adult dogs can enter).

Power Berry 6 » Fishing off the pier
When you upgrade your fishing pole to level 5 (mistryl), use it at Mineral Beach in the Winter. You might just catch a berry.

Power Berry 7 » Dig down into the mine
Next to the Harvest Goddess' pond is the spring mine, where ores are found. 100th Floor.

Power Berry 8 » Television Shopping
Once you've purchased most of the items off of the Saturday t.v. shopping show, you can buy it for 10,000 G.

Power Berry 9 » Behind the Winter Mine
To find this one, wait until Winter, walk to the entrance, walk around to the back of the "cave" and press A whilst facing it.

Power Berry 10 » Dig in the Winter Mine
Pretty much the same as the berry that's hidden in the spring mine, but you don't have to work as hard for it. This berry is on the 19th floor.

Special Berry
You can get this berry from Kappa. He lives in the lake on Mother's Hill and he loves cucumbers. If you throw a cucumber into the lake he'll pop out for a second, then return back into the water. Throw in a Cucumber again the next day and he'll emerge and call you persistant. Keep throwing in a Cucumber for another 8 days. On the last (10th) day, he gives you the Special Berry, hoping that you will now leave him alone.

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