Names(Farm, Dog, Horse, Character, etc.)?

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User Info: NeoNour

6 years ago#1
Ok, The topic says it but I would like to ask anyways:

What is the names you pick?

Basically the Farm, Dog, Horse and Character but if you can I would like you to tell the names of your Animals(Cows, Chickens and sheeps).


Final Nova


Harley D.

I don't have any animals yet but they will be stuff like "Chick", "Chick 2", "Chicken" "Chicken 2" etc. and that's cause I did it on the last game. Plus, If they die I won't have wasted a good name. =)

Anyways, I just like to know. Maybe I'll use some of your names for my game. >:D

I hope you tell me some good names. :P

User Info: pamboys

6 years ago#2
Pete <--- he's always been Pete to me :3

Riverside' <--- well duh!! that's obvious

Dexter <--- yup! I have a dog named Dexter... he just bite's people with no reason :3


Chicken <--- Cake. Pancake. Cupcake. etc.
Cows <--- anything.
Sheeps <--- Fluffy Stuff like Cotton, Pillow. :3

User Info: NeoNour

6 years ago#3
Nice names. I just named my first chicken "Crack". I will name the next one "". :P

User Info: Bravehawk

6 years ago#4
I just named the guy Justin, after myself.

My dogs name is Bandit.

And my horse's name is Truffles.

Haven't got any chickens or cows either :P

User Info: sketchpride

6 years ago#5
Character --> Junpei

Farm --> Green Meadow Farm

Dog --> Pooch

Horse --> Rush

Chicken --> Phoenix, Rooster, Warrior, Knight, or any name that sounds very tough. I like to name those in case I use them to join Chicken Festival.

Cows --> Cake, Mochi, Pudding, Pancake, Mocha, etc. Anything that has something to do with the desserts.
"That's not what I had in mind when I said I needed more RAM for my computer!'

User Info: lonetigress

6 years ago#6
I named my character Danny (close to my name), my dog Satan and my horse Demonica. I named my farm Canada, because I'd love to go there one day
---I'm not stupid, just ignorant....

User Info: Unicorn_Fire

6 years ago#7
(Forum revival!)

Please excuse the names; this file of mine is absolutely ancient. >>;

Name: Hikaru

Farm: Sunny

Dog: Inu

Horse: Hika

Chickens: LoL, Rofl, Lmbo, o.o (What was I thinking...)

Cows: Ms. Cow-lady, Werecow
I set unicorns on fire for fun. :D

User Info: dorgasatarada

6 years ago#8
Well i play More Friends of Mineral Town(Girl version)
Here are my names:

Farm:Kai S2
Horse:Amazing Horse
Chickens:ChickyS2,Star,Richard,WEEGEE!!!,Erikgay,?????!@#@!#,4uuv7????76 and PABCDEEEFHJL
Cows:Sara and ZZZZZ
Sheeps:Willy and (32323334446

The bachelor i want marry is Kai(obviously by the farm name)

User Info: Raumeria

5 years ago#9
Recently started playing this again.

Name: Ven (Lawl Kingdom Hearts)
Farm: Stark (Game of Thrones)
Dog: Fang (Lawl FFXIII)
Horse: Wayward Wind (Lawl KH)
Chickens: Chocobo, Frodo, Jay, Newleaf
Cow: Estheim (lawl FFXIII)
Sheep: Dia (See above)

...Yeah, my save files usually say something about my current obsessions.

User Info: Yengeon

5 years ago#10
I'll be back once I get my game in my hands. My names are awesome! At least I think so.
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