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User Info: Vetes

7 years ago#1
Is there a place to get new CAWs? If not, maybe the HCTP leftovers such as myself should start tehir own CAW site.
BELIEVE! Pro Wrestling X.

User Info: flaccidsnake

7 years ago#2
I haven't created any totally new CAWs as such. But over the last 9 months or so, I have made CAWs from existing formulas, and subsequently tweaked most of them to some extent, completely overhauling the attires in some cases.

For example, my versions of Bret Hart, British Bulldog, and Jake Roberts have attires that closely resemble the ones the official models had in SvR 2006, and I have Ultimate Warrior in a green & purple attire, which is one of the looks he had in Showdown: Legends Of Wrestling (I actually have another Warrior in a white, green & purple attire based on an action figure I saw online). I also made new movesets for Bulldog, Jake, Brutus Beefcake, Dusty Rhodes and Jim Neidhart, based on their official movesets in the later SvR games.

Posting pictures is going to be a problem for me, since I play on an actual PS2, and don't have a digital camera. Nonetheless, I'd be willing to contribute my revised formulas to any new site or project, giving credit to prior CAW makers where appropriate.

User Info: Vetes

7 years ago#3
I think we should certainly start something then. I have a few CAWs to post. Maybe I will start a Google site.
BELIEVE! Pro Wrestling X.

User Info: dokoham

7 years ago#4
can you upload your save file? :)

User Info: flaccidsnake

7 years ago#5
Not at the moment, although I plan to do so within the next few months. In the short term, the best I can do is provide formulas.

On the plus side, the instructions in my formulas will be very precise, so there'll be no need to refer to blurry help pics to know where everything goes. And since most of my CAWS are modified versions of existing designs, anyone who has the older CAWs on a save already won't have to start completely from scratch.

User Info: dokoham

7 years ago#6
i see
look forward for your save
thank you first :P

User Info: flaccidsnake

7 years ago#7
I guess this is sort of like DLC for you, huh? ;-) Anyway, I'm still tweaking things and adding new stuff on a regular basis, so the finished save will be substantially better than anything I could upload now.

One major thing I need is an Action Replay 2 (I currently only have AR Max), so I can make changes to the movesets that aren't possible normally. For example, the animations that are used as finishers for Jim Neidhart in SvR 2007 (a powerslam and shoulder block) are present in HCTP, however HCTP won't let you assign them as finishers for some reason. AR2 should allow me to get around that and make his moveset that much more accurate.

Another thing I'd like to do is put the really big guys like Andre and Earthquake into an extra 'Ultra-Heavyweight' class, like the one in later SvR games, so they can't be lifted up by regular heavyweights.

User Info: dokoham

7 years ago#8
i will wait for your good save ^^

can you tell me the roster please?

User Info: flaccidsnake

7 years ago#9
I actually have at least three different saves. I like to back CAWs up on different memory cards, so I can experiment with their attire without overwriting the previous version in case I want to go back.

At the moment, I have a mix of old school and Attitude Era wrestlers, but they're all in a jumble, because I haven't finished tweaking things and deciding what the final roster will be. I might end up with separate old school and Attitude Era saves. Or I might decide to put the best of both onto one save. I'm very fussy about movesets, so I'm not sure I could fill all 32 slots with old school Legend wrestlers.

The CAWs I've made that are actually unique in some way (either because they have modified attires and/or movesets) are:

Bam Bam Bigelow (black & orange attire, as seen in SvR 2007)
Bret Hart (pink & black attire, as seen in SvR 2005-8)
British Bulldog (mainly white attire with Union Jack designs, as seen in LOW)
British Bulldog (mainly red & blue attire with white trim, as seen in SvR 2006)
Brutus Beefcake (purple & yellow attire, as seen in SvR 2005)
Dusty Rhodes (black attire with yellow polka dots -- haven't seen this in a game, but it's similar to what he wore in Wrestlemania VI)
Earthquake (black, red & white attire, as seen in SvR 2009)
Hulk Hogan (old school '80s attire, as seen in SvR 2006-7)
Hollywood Hogan (nWo attires, as seen in SYM and SvR 2006)
Hulk Hogan (post-nWo attire... currently it looks like the version seen in SvR 2006, but I might change it to the one in SYM)
Jake Roberts (green & purple attire, as seen in SvR 2006)
Jim Neidhart (pink & black attire, slightly tweaked from the existing CAW on
Razor Ramon (purple & yellow attire, haven't seen this in any game)
Scott Hall (black & red attire, again, haven't seen this in a game)
Sting (blond hair, with red, white & blue attire, as seen in Showdown: LOW)
Sting (dark hair, with crow attire, similar to the one in Showdown: LOW -- attire is almost exactly the same as one of Dan Fooke's Stings, however I changed the face and body figures to match the other version, which was based on a different CAW)
Ultimate Warrior (green & purple attire, as seen in Showdown: LOW)
Ultimate Warrior (white, green & pink attire, based on an action figure)
Ultimate Warrior (still working on it, but I'd like to come up with a cleaner version of Bhangra Man's orange attire)

I didn't bother listing the Attitude Era CAWs, since I get the impression you're mainly interested in the old school stuff. So far as that goes, I would very much like to make Randy Savage, but he's going to be hard work, since the only 'official' moveset I have to go on is the one in Showdown: LOW. I'm also not that keen on the attires I've seen on previous CAWs.

User Info: flaccidsnake

7 years ago#10
Missed a few...

Mankind (tweaked to look like he does in SvR 2005-7, with the yellow polka dot tie & whatnot)
Mr. Perfect (blue attire -- looks mostly the same as the CAW in, except I adjusted some of the colors, shrunk the head a bit, and altered the back of the singlet and knee pads to make them look more like they did in real life)
Terry Funk (black T-shirt attire -- again, looks mostly the same as the CAW on, except I increased the contrast between some of the colors since I felt it looked a bit murky the way it was)
Terry Funk (removed the T-shirt and tweaked a few other things to make him look like the official model in SvR 2008)

You may have noticed that all of the CAWs listed either have movesets already present within HCTP, or have appeared as Legends in later SvR games. I may consider adding Legends that haven't appeared in the Smackdown! series at some point (with Macho Man at the top of the list), however for the time being I chose to stick to the ones that already had 'official' movesets to work with. When I get hold of Action Replay 2, I also plan to unlock Jerry Lawler and Tazz.

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