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User Info: SBAllen

10 years ago#1
In the past, sticky requests were handled in a rather poor manner by using a topic on the Site Suggestions board that took a long time to process and usually by the time it was looked at the topics were gone. As such, a new sticky system has been created for users at a minimum of level 31 can request for topics to be stickied in a much quicker fashion.

The process is simple. Click the Message Detail link for the first post in the topic you'd like to request as a sticky. After enough people nominate the topic for sticky, a lead mod or myself will view the request and either approve or deny it. Users who nominate obviously useless topics for sticky will have the privilege revoked, so please only reserve it for topics that actually would make a good sticky topic for the board in question. A good topic should be really broad and cover a large amount of material that would be relevant to the board. Here's a copy/paste from the old sticky request topic on things you shouldn't request:

- A) "Link" topics will never be stickied. Sure, there's a lot of cool wallpapers, mods, CAW's, and videos around there, but links change constantly. If the topic you wish to nominate is primarily links, be it a dozen or a hundred, don't even bother nominating it.

- B) "Workshop" topics such as "Build my party", "Rate my custom car", "Ask all questions here", "friend codes here", and topics dedicated to unique in-game challenges (no equipment, solo character, etc.) are not good sticky material. They traditionally have no material up front, have ever-changing content, and end up turning into social topics very quickly.

- C) Topics that only cover one simple issue will never be considered. Topics solely about Final Fantasy 3 DS's relation to the SNES game, World of Warcraft's weekly server maintenance schedule, and so on are simply not sticky material in this universe, and most other ones. And no matter WHAT universe you live in, a topic about waxing your PSP does not deserve to be sticky.

- D) No, four-year old topics will not be stickied to avoid being purged. Period. On that token, since "secret boards" are not official in any way, shape, or form, we're not going to sticky whatever wacky rules you've come up with on your dead Commodore 64 game board.

- E) Social boards for the most part are a reflection of their userbase, and will never need sticky topics to explain this. No, we're not making exceptions for whatever new game or story topic is all the rage this week.

Keep in mind that this is a beta feature at present and is likely to have bugs. Please feel free to report them here:
Um, not to criticize science or anything, but wouldn't it be easier just to call it "the pink one"?
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