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User Info: SBAllen

5 years ago#1
Today, we have updated our Terms of Use. The changes are quite significant so I'll take a moment to point out what we changed and why.

If you read over the Terms of Use, you'll notice that the Community Rules section of the rules has dramatically changed. Numerous rules have been removed from it completely and the ones that are still there are very short. This does NOT mean that the missing rules no longer apply. The rules that still remain are the ones that are most related to possible legal issues. The Terms of Use is, after all, a legal document. For example, flaming another user isn't likely to bring about any form of legal action. Thus, it's not in there anymore.

The Annotated Terms of Use are now gone as well. They have been replaced with a brand new document called "Board Rules". If you read over this, you'll see that the content looks like a much shorter version of the old Community Rules. In a nutshell, that's exactly what it is. This is a set of rules and guidelines to posting on the boards. It is not a legal document and thus can be edited on an as-is needed basis by myself without having to go through legal channels. This means that as the rules need changing, they can be changed quickly and easily.

Notice that in both the Terms of Use and in the new Board Rules, everything is very short and straightforward. This is done to make both documents easy to read and understand. Not only are the rules shorter and easier to digest, they are actually much less strict than they used to be.

This is a change that will be represented as a whole on the site in regards to moderation. The moderators will be allowing much more leniency in terms of deleting posts. That is not a license to post anything in the world that you want to post, so don't take this the wrong way. There is a difference between "lenient" and "nonexistent".

In addition to the moderation staff taking a more lenient approach, I ask that our users as well take a more lenient approach towards reporting posts to the moderation staff. The key phrase that I've been instructing the moderators to consider is "Does this post somehow interrupt the conversation at hand?" If it doesn't, does it really need to be deleted? Most likely it doesn't, unless it is posing some kind of legal issue.

So what I'm asking is that both the users and the moderators put some thought into what does and doesn't need to be deleted from a topic. If someone says that a game you like sucks, should we delete it every single time, even if everyone is just ignoring them? If you call someone a "fool" or a "troll" and they don't care, why should we? This is the kind of approach that I'm looking for going forward.

The other thing that I ask is that people try not to take advantage of these rule changes. I know it's tempting, but please refrain so that we can have nice things.

I'll be creating a series of topics on my blog to cover some of the changed rules and give some examples of what is and isn't now a violation of these rules. Check here for more information as it is posted:
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