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User Info: SBAllen

5 years ago#1
Howdy all. Today I'm happy to announce that GameFAQs and GameSpot are in the process of "unmerging" message boards.

To explain further, GameSpot is currently in the process of creating their own new set of forums for their users to enjoy and the currently shared boards will return to being GameFAQs only boards. Users can still use either set of message boards by simply visiting their respective site, meaning that GameFAQs users will be able to access the GameSpot forums as well by accessing GameSpot. If you have a GameFAQs account, you can easily log into GameSpot with that account as well.

This is not an immediate process. At present, our boards can still be accessed directly from GameSpot. They want to give their users time to get used to the new forums before we sever ties completely.

Why are we doing this? Well, there are numerous reasons. I suppose the most compelling of those would be when everyone from both sites got to talking and said "Wait, why did we merge the forums in the first place?" and no one had an answer. Times have changed, management has changed, and things that sounded good before don't really make sense in hindsight.

Another reason would be that GameFAQs and GameSpot both appeal to different users. We both focus on doing certain things really well and thus end up having different userbases. There isn't really a good reason to force two varying communities to play nice together if they don't want to. Of course if someone does want to interact with both communities, they are more than welcome to visit both forums. :)

Finally, and this is probably the most important reason to a GameFAQs user, the code between the boards simply doesn't mesh well. We had plans to implement several features in the past and we weren't able to do so because they simply wouldn't work with GameSpot code. After the separation is complete, we'll be able to finally start implementing new features without having to make them work twice. This is nothing but great for both us and for GameSpot when they want to add new features to their new forum.

We aren't really sure on the timetable since this is a pretty big move, but I'll keep you all updated as things progress. For now, you can check out their new forums by logging in at GameSpot.

Also since I've had people asking about it, I wanted to make a point to say that the ongoing username reconciliation has nothing to do with this separation process. The reconciliation process is a first step towards several other projects we're planning down the road.
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