The Great GameFAQs Character Battle IX Winners

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User Info: SBAllen

4 years ago#1
Here are the winners of The Great GameFAQs Character Battle IX, by group. Gift card winners should begin receiving their prizes early next week. Private board winners will be messaged at some point today with more information about setting up their board. Karma winners, including those who earned karma by beating my bracket or Devin's bracket, have already received their karma prize.

Bracket Challenge, Gift Card Winners:
1st BowtotheTWIG ($500)
2nd GrayFoX16 ($200)
3rd Mark_DeRosa ($100)
4th Ichigo619 ($50)
5th masterplum ($25)
6th CORNBRE4D ($25)
7th bensenm ($25)
8th PyroticJack ($25)
9th steelesaber13 ($25)
10th Gladiator28 ($25)

Bracket Challenge, Karma Winners:
1st 1benjy (250 karma, private message board)
2nd spartan99ruler (100 karma, private message board)
3rd Crimson_Rain (50 karma)
4th Hump_A_Bird (25 karma)
5th GamerExtreme98 (25 karma)
6th Kadabra025 (25 karma)
7th Deoxys_Prime (25 karma)
8th FlameLord23 (25 karma)
9th shadowzer220 (25 karma)
10th shadow_sonic111 (25 karma)

Expert Challenge, Gift Card Winners:
1st yindocarl ($500)
2nd Therobbieg ($200)
3rd R351D3NT3V1L4 ($100)
4th IngmarBirdman ($50)
5th Greyfeld ($25)
6th AlecTrevylan006 ($25)
7th WhiteLens ($25)
8th Prometheus89 ($25)
9th CybrMonkey ($25)
10th steve1724 ($25)

Expert Challenge, Karma Winners:
1st XIII_rocks (250 karma, private board)
2nd Burholt999 (100 karma, private board)
3rd silentsephiroth (50 karma)
4th Qwaar (25 karma)
5th HeroicLuca (25 karma)
6th fallenstar (25 karma)
7th DGKMO (25 karma)
8th linkhatesganon (25 karma)
9th ZenithianLegend (25 karma)
10th Furious_Fura (25 karma)

In addition, we also randomly selected 10 participants who will receive a free GameFAQs t-shirt. These winners will be contacted early next week as well so that they can choose their design and size.


And finally, a dishonorable mention goes out to Hexcalibur and GTMplusCATS for getting last place in the bracket and expert challenges respectively. Well done!
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