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User Info: SBAllen

3 years ago#1
In order to simplify the GameFAQs experience for newer users (and older users alike), we have changed the layout of the various site options into Basic Options and Advanced Options.

While doing this change, we also decided to change the default setting for several of the options to make things easier for new users as well. Below I'll list these options, along with the new default for them. If you do not wish to use them, you are of course welcome to change them back to whatever you'd like them to be.

Show Message Number in Topic (New Default: Yes)
Show Page List in Topic List (New Default: Yes)
Show Tag Buttons (New Default: Yes)
After Posting, Return To (New Default: Last Post in Topic)
Use Quick Post/Quote in Topics (New Default: Yes, With Quick Quote)

We also chose to remove several options that were either very rarely used or that we just didn't feel were necessary any longer.

Large FAQ Display
Formatted FAQ Display
Topic Sort Order
Message Sort Order
Show Similar Topics List
Show Post Confirmation Screen
Show Category List on Board Home
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