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User Info: NeverNovember

7 years ago#1
IMO Frequently Asked Questions ver 1.0
-by Never November

This guide contains many frequently asked questions and the answers to them. Please read before asking anything and if it's not in here THEN post it. PLEASE NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. The information may not be completely accurate. Please let me know any mistakes you find and provide the correct info.

Also, please note that I wrote this guide playing as a character in the Kingdom of Lanos realm. If any of this is different than what Siras players experience, please contribute the accurate information for updating.

-[1] Locations of People
[1a] Innkeeper
[1b] Brewer
[1c] Merchants
[1d] Kulin
-[2] Quest Help
[2a] Main Quest Chain
-[3] Where do I get...
[3a] Skill Books
[3b] Treasure / Potion Bags
[3c] Weapons
[3d] Headgear
[3e] Mandragora
[3f] Other
-[4] Boss Spawns
[4a] Bulldozers
[4b] Fungus King
-[5] Premium Account
-[6] Contact, Corrections and Suggestions

Press Ctrl+F and insert the code of the section you want to jump to for fast browsing.

[1] Locations of People:

[1a] Where is the innkeeper?
-The innkeeper is in the bottom right of the town you start in. Walk down the stairs and to the right.

[1b] Where is the Brewer?
-Right next to the innkeeper.

[1c] Where can I buy stuff?
There are four merchants in the town you start in. One is above the fountain and sells general items. The other three are in the left side of the town. Reader Lal sells Skill Books, and is in the bottom left. Above Reader Lal is Kana who sells potions and other magic items. Going up further will take you to Jedai, who sells weapons and some clothes.

[1d] Where is Kulin?
-Kulin lives in a hut in the center of the Mushroom Marshland. Enter the Marshland and check your map to find the exact location.

[2] Quest Help:

[2a] Main Quest Chain:

To embark on the main quest chain, talk to the innkeeper and accept her quest. To get the five clovers, kill Kooii in the forest south of town. Return to the innkeeper and accept the next quest. Collect Wild Boar Meet from the Leaf Boars in the Central and Southern Right of the forest. Give them to the innkeeper and accept the recommendation. Go see Kulin to accept his quest. The three people you need to talk to are Vellor, Juri and Erante. Vellor and Juri are in the right side of town and Erante is near Reader Lal on the left side of town. Speak to all of them to gather evidence, then return to Kulin. He will give you another quest. You need to find the Old Skirt which is in the right side of the Mushroom Marsh. It's exact coordinate is 3583, 2894. The coordinates can be found in the top of your screen in small yellow letters. Take what you find back to Kulin. He will give you the code to take to Vellor in town. Vellor will ask for a cold mushroom beer before he decodes it. Gather 10 Dried Mushrooms from Mushrooms in Mushroom Marshlands and talk to the Brewer to make special beer with 10 Dried Mushrooms. Give a special beer to Vellor and he will decode the code. Take it back to Kulin and he will tell you to give something to Poscar at the beach. Follow your map Southwest to get to the beach. Find Poscar there and talk to him. He will need materials. Gather 20 Woopa scales and 1 Coral Dust.

NOTE: (I have yet to pass this part as I can't kill Woopas or find Coral Dust so this will be updated when I pass this part or accurate information is given.)

User Info: NeverNovember

7 years ago#2
[3] Where do I get...

[3a] Skill Books
-Reader Lal in town. Also drop from monsters in Mushroom Marshland

[3b] Treasure Boxes / Potion Bags
- They most frequently drop from monsters in the forest south of town.

[3c] Weapons
-Jedai in town. Also frequently drop from monsters in forest south of town.

[3d] Headgear
-As of now I have determined that headgear can only be obtained from the starter pack you can buy in-app for three dollars. Try asking someone if they will sell it to you.

[3e] Mandragora
Talk to Pafris in the forest south of town. Ask about the legendary herb and he'll give you earplugs. Go to the dungeon in the top right of Mushroom Marshland and the Mandragora is in the back. Tap it and press action to pull it out.

NOTE: This dungeon has high level monsters that will kill you very easily. If you are not level 8+, be sure to bring healing potions so you stay alive. If you are weak, don't attempt to fight the monsters.

[3f] Other Items
-Most other items are explained how to get by the person that wants you to get them. If they don't, try asking people in the game. If all else fails, come here and ask.

[4] Boss Spawn Locations
-Bosses in this game have no exact spawn locations. Instead they spawn in a certain area.

NOTE: These may not be totally accurate, so if you have accurate information please share. I think I may be missing some bosses too.

[4a] Bulldozer Jr, Bulldozer Brother, Bulldozer
-They all spawn in the field south of town.

[4b] Fungus King
-Spawns in Mushroom Marshland.

[5] What are the benefits of upgrading to a premium account?
-Upgrading to a premium account allows you access to the Traders system and exclusive items. It also takes out the occasional ads you see sometimes in the chat function.

[6] Contact and Corrections/Suggestions

To contact me you can email me at:
Or you could contact me on this board.

If you have corrections or suggestions to contribute, contact me by email or in this forum, preferably in this topic. Please provide any more accurate information, any Frequently Asked Questions you've seen or have that aren't here, other sections you'd like to see, etc.

That's it for now, thanks for reading and feel free to post. If you think this guide is helpful or will ne helpful please request a sticky topic by clicking Message Detail at the top of the first post under my name.

User Info: strider2468

7 years ago#3
I found this guide pretty useful, tho I somehow feel you could add a section for each class and some lines about each one :P

User Info: NeverNovember

7 years ago#4
Thanks for the suggestion, I actually was thinking about doing that. I'll make sure that I add that into the guide.

User Info: NoobAid

7 years ago#5
u shud add ur name so people can add u and ask for help if something new comes up and they dont want to email u. That cud also help with ur faq

User Info: shawtty024

7 years ago#6

Obtaining Roopa-Woopa Scales and Coral Dust

Roopa-Woopa scales are dropped randomly from Roopa's and Woopa's (thank you developers for making at least this be intuitive).

Coral Dust is obtained from NPC Sara in the southeast portion of the Beach map. She is to the right of Poscar, the person you have to meet on Kurin's request for this part of the mission. This is a "fetch and transform" quest (like much of this MMO). The process goes like this:

10 small corals (dropped from Roopas and Woopas randomly) are converted to 1 Red Coral (Red Coral also dropped, but at a lower rate)
5 Red Corals are converted into 1 Enriched Coral
5 Enriched Coral is converted into Coral Dust

Essentially you will need 250 Small corals in order to complete this portion of the quest. If you are lower than level 10-13 I suggest you party, or train a bit more in order to kill Roopas at a quick rate. In my (humble) estimation, it takes about 10 Roopa or Woopa kills for a random drop. Get Working!

User Info: NeverNovember

7 years ago#7
Except only people playing on the Devilang on Siras side could talk to me. :|

Thanks for the info Shawtty, I'll make sure to add your info and credit you in the next update! '.')b

User Info: strider2468

7 years ago#8
Is there a way to get more bags?? Im getting some capacity problems, which would get solved with one or two more bags. I cant buy the expansion since Im not from the US =/

User Info: NoobAid

7 years ago#9
I foung turtle king on the top right of the lighthouse, he did 70 dmg on me(range) LOL
Hes in top right, after a kingodm of lanos dies and presses rebirth location

User Info: NoobAid

7 years ago#10
i emailed u like 30 things, make sure to check them!
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