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User Info: Andy12332199

7 years ago#1
These are the guns i havent used yet. I need to use them all to unlock the weapons room.
Makarov PM-Sup
Remington 870

If anyone knows where these are located it would be greatly appreciated
PSN: Andy12332199

User Info: Shady26

7 years ago#2
The Ak-47 GL is located on a car in the stealh mission with Special Ops, vs Russians, when you start with M14-Sup and Mk22.
M16A1 SC is on the mission of challenges 8, when you start with an Xm22, against Vietnamieses....
But the easier is to do challenges, there are some weapons of the list that are required...You can find them easily at the beginning.
Sorry if I speak bad English, I'm French.

User Info: Andy12332199

7 years ago#3
thx a lot
PSN: Andy12332199

User Info: M3taBerry

7 years ago#4
Does anyone know where the M72 and M60 are (levels+locations)?

User Info: Andy12332199

7 years ago#5
the challenges have the same weapons in the level as the campaign and ive already looked at the challenges that are left and i already have those guns, does anyone have a list or something
PSN: Andy12332199

User Info: Tsuro6

7 years ago#6
Let's see... The AK47 GL is located leaning against a crate in 'on the run' I believe. It's shortly before you jump over the concrete block and into the pipe.

M16A1 SC is in the mission 'River Raiders,' right after the boat section, in the building you spawn in.

M16A1 GL (2) means you failed to kill anyone with the grenade launcher on the M16A1 GL.

Hm... I forget where the M10 unsuppressed is, but the M10 Sup. is in the last mission, when you spawn, you should look right (If I'm remembering which direction you're facing when you spawn correctly) and there should be a house with an open door. It's inside on the table.

PPSh-41 Sup. is available in the mission 'River Raiders,' it's used by several enemies throughout the level.

M60 is in the level 'Behind Enemy Lines,' once you meet up with the Americans at the end, before you clear out the area of enemies, go into the section of the house the Americans are in that you can go in, it should be leaning against the wall next to the door.

M1891/59 Scoped is available in multiple places throughout the campaign, but there's one in the mission where you jump in the back of an enemy truck. Right after you leave the truck to your right, leaning against a crate.

I have yet to find the M40 unsuppressed and the M72 LAW, those are the only ones.

Makarov PM-Sup... I forget where that is... I can see if I can find it again for you.

Remington 870, I believe, can be found somewhere in 'Last Heli Out.'

Hope it helps!

User Info: blackopsds

7 years ago#7
where is the rpd i cant find it please tell me the location

User Info: KaptainK00l

7 years ago#8

All I need is m14-standard, and both sniper rifles, unsuppressed.

User Info: KaptainK00l

7 years ago#9

2 left, found the regular m40 in the same room you find the LAW in the prison escape level.

User Info: KaptainK00l

7 years ago#10

Oh, suppressed Makarov is in the level "Welcome to the Jungle" just before you exit the tunnels. Look next to the ak's

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